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The esports community is one of the liveliest, most vibrant, and arguably one of the most drama-filled communities of creators, pros, and fans in the world. Wondering who’s currently on top in the streaming wars? Our esports culture news has you covered. Want to find out why everyone is mad at your favorite player? Our esports culture news will give you all the details. This is a great place to get your finger on the pulse when it comes to the esports community at large.

Latest Esports Culture and Entertainment News

Jason Parker | July 6, 2021
PandaTV’s 840-hour Twitch Subathon has smashed the record of PiG and Ludwig and hasn’t seen […]
Jason Parker | July 1, 2021
The infamous Dream Minecraft speedrun controversy continues to be talked about constantly. Even though Dream […]
Jason Parker | June 29, 2021
Felix “xQc” Lengyel said to his viewers that he’s had to move, as “daily” swatting […]
Jason Parker | June 29, 2021
Just last night, Indiefoxx received her 6th ban on Twitch. These are all in the […]
Jason Parker | June 28, 2021
Zain sadly got banned on Twitch for a week thanks to a meme rename in […]
Jason Parker | June 23, 2021
Withawonder on Twitch has recently had accusations of grooming underage girls surface, targeting people in […]
Jason Parker | June 23, 2021
Fedmyster returns to Twitch after a year away, according to a cryptic Twitter post. The […]
Jason Parker | June 23, 2021
The Hot Tub and ASMR/Leggings metas on Twitch have been popular, but the harassment Amouranth […]
Jason Parker | June 21, 2021
Not too long after we wrote about the ASMR TikTok leggings meta, Amouranth and others […]
Jason Parker | June 18, 2021
The Twitch meta has once again evolved, and ASMR has stomped far ahead of hot […]
Petar Vukobrat | June 15, 2021
Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont, former pro jungler and current LEC analyst/caster has joined DRX as […]
Jason Parker | June 15, 2021
Ludwig’s 618-day streak of publishing Youtube videos ended thanks to a seemingly random ban. This […]
Jason Parker | June 9, 2021
The masked Minecraft streamer Dream is finally going to do a face reveal in the […]
Jason Parker | June 8, 2021
A Twitch streamer, KiaraaKitty denies accusations of a scam where she fleeced men of their […]
Jason Parker | June 7, 2021
After Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag lost a bet against Froste, he had no choice but to […]