Enable Retires From Playing Call of Duty Professionally

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 11th 2020

The Call of Duty League is losing Ian “Enable” Wyatt in the 2021 season, as the fan-favorite player is immediately leaving the esports league and Call of Duty competitions permanently.

Enable Retires From Playing Pro Call of Duty

Enable joins other pro players who retired this year and will not be competing in the upcoming Call of Duty League 2021 season. The now-former pro player revealed this information on Twitter, posting about how he will not be competing as a pro player in Call of Duty moving forward.

On Twitter, he tweeted out the announcement along with a short clip about 40 seconds in length taken from a much longer full YouTube video about his decision that clocks in at around 10 minutes in total. The clip is cut just enough to let you know the decision that he has made.

The fan-favorite 26-year old player will be leaving the Call of Duty esports scene for good and not returning for the next year of the league or any other professional competitions. This sudden decision follows after many in the community wondered what he would be doing next season.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching with less than two months left until 2021, it was uncertain what the future would hold for Enable up until this point. The player had made no announcements about joining a Call of Duty League team. No team had announced him as part of their roster.

Enable Wasn’t on a Team for the 2021 Season

This was concerning as there are only so many teams left in the Call of Duty League who have yet to cement their 2021 roster. And worse still, he was unsigned and not part of any team at this time. This was because he either left voluntarily or was dropped from his previous team.

That team was none other than Seattle Surge, an infamous team in the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season for being one of the worst around. Depending on who you ask, they might tell you that the Surge were the worst team in the entire league.

After all, they did tie for last place in the postseason and were basically in last place for the normal season and Los Angeles Guerrillas tying with them. The team had a complicated and not good first season. This was seen in how things changed for Enable repeatedly prior to being retired.

The fan-favorite Call of Duty player started on the team as one of the starting players and was exciting for fans of the Seattle team but was quickly moved to a substitute position in February not too long after the league kicked off its first season.

Enable’s Time With Seattle Was Complicated

Then in May, he was finally brought back into the fold as the league got deep into its online format after the global pandemic shut down any physical events that were going to happen in person. He could sit on the starting lineup for about a month before being moved back to the bench in early June.

He would sit on the bench with minor exceptions until the end of the season with the playoffs. As such, it was no surprise that in early September, as the league began to sign, drop, and extend contracts with players that Enable was one of the ones to leave Seattle alongside nearly everyone else.

It has been about two months since then. We had heard no news about Enable’s future for the 2021 season. We hadn’t even really heard any rumors about what team he would go to in the next season of the Call of Duty League, so this news of Enable being retired is not surprising.

Interestingly, Enable does not leave fans hanging with no news of what he is going to do from here. Though he didn’t give an exact reason for why he left or if it was his choice or not, he did mention in his video that there is something else coming soon for him.

Enable Leaves Pro Call of Duty for a New Opportunity

There is some “unbelievable opportunity” that he is going to AI for soon. Though he can’t talk about what it is just yet, Enable noted that he has come to terms and made peace with his decision of being retired from Call of Duty esports.

As for what the opportunity is, he did leave us with the teaser that “it just feels like it’s too good to turn down.” That is high praise. We are excited to find out what it is. The community has already begun speculating on what exactly this new opportunity might be.

Many guesses wonder if Enable will stay in the Call of Duty League but not as a player anymore. Instead, he could show up as one of the team members or organization staff and help them do their best in the upcoming 2021 season.

It would be interesting to see Enable take on a coach or analyst position for a team in the next season or, perhaps, even take a commentator’s role for the league. Whatever it may be, stay tuned as we will let you know about it as soon as he announces his plans.


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