Enable Joins 100 Thieves After Leaving the Call of Duty League

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 11th 2020

Enable has revealed what he is doing for his career, not that he is no longer the professional esports player he once was. The former Call of Duty pro player revealed an Enable 100 Thieves deal that will see him join the massive and extremely popular esports organization.

Enable 100 Thieves Deal Revealed

The company revealed the Enable 100 Thieves announcement on its official Twitter account. They noted a “new deputy in town” and is none other than Enable himself. He will be the latest addition to the 100 Thieves organization as one of the content creators.

The video that was posted along with the official Enable 100 Thieves announcement shows the former Call of Duty player now all tricked out in his black and red 100 Thieves gear. It looks like he is officially trading in his esports pro player career for a new direction in his life.

No longer will he be the popular Call of Duty player that he previously was, at least for the esports side of things, but he will now be one of the many content creators who work exclusively for 100 Thieves. As a partner with the organization, he joins many others like CouRage JD, Valkyrae, and many more.

100 Thieves has quickly proven itself as one of the most important and growing esports organizations globally, not just for professional video game competitions but content creators as well, and the Enable 100 Thieves deal only furthers that idea. 

Enable Will Be a Content Creator for 100 Thieves

The 26-year old pro player will now be one of the many content creators representing the Thieves. Many in the Call of Duty community will know him as one of the most impressive players around, with significant wins in several different games across his pro career several years. 

He is most known for his triumphs in the Halo and Call of Duty franchises and has recently played Call of Duty professionally. Interestingly enough, he was part of the burgeoning 100 Thieves Call of Duty team during the 2019 season last year in which Black Ops 4 was the main game. 

With this announcement, he is returning to one of his former home teams but on a different side this time. This year, with the Call of Duty League’s introduction to formally franchise the pro scene, 100 Thieves was not one of the 12 organizations to make the jump to this new format. 

As such, Enable didn’t have the option to play for them in the league, so he switched over to playing for Seattle Surge during the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League. Unfortunately, that team was hyped  

up to be more than it was and didn’t do that well at all in the 2020 season.

Enable Played for Seattle Surge in 2020

Many factors likely led to those results, but in the end, Seattle Surge was one of the worst teams in the league, if not the worst. They tied for last place in the postseason playoffs with the Los Angeles Guerrillas but did worse than them, in our opinion, since they only put up a little fight in the one match they did in that tournament. 

As such, it made sense that Seattle Surge decided to remove all but one player on its roster and go for an almost complete restart for the 2021 season. In September this year, the Surge team dropped everyone but one, which included Enable in the process.

Whether or not that eventually had a part to play in Enable’s decision in November is unknown at this time, but, regardless, he made a choice last month to retire from the Call of Duty esports scene. Now we know that his exciting new venture is to be a content creator with 100 Thieves. 

Enable is a fantastic player in his own right and will likely bring in the fans for his expertise on everything that is Call of Duty and many other games out there. But more importantly, he has an actual personality that some of the pro players out there don’t have when it comes to on-camera action.

Enable and 100 Thieves Look to Have a Bright 2021

They might be extremely skilled on the battlefield and in competitions, but some pro players aren’t that great at streaming and content creation as a whole. But Enable is not one of those players and should do quite well at being a talented and fun content creator to watch.

This move is a smart one for him as he could find success alongside the popular 100 Thieves that he might not have had all on his own as a streamer and creator. 100 Thieves has a long and storied history with the Call of Duty series, especially when it comes to the owner Nadeshot himself.

Nadeshot is one of the most important former Call of Duty pro players in the history of the series and has established himself well in the space with impressive teams in the past. That legacy should continue into next year with the start of the 2021 Call of Duty League season.

With the return of OpTic to its rightful place with OpTic Chicago, that left a gap with the former OpTic Los Angeles Call of Duty League team. They were taken over by 100 Thieves, though, and look to be potentially the new kids on the block this time around, despite having a familiar roster. Though Enable is unlikely to play for the LA Thieves, they are a team to watch next year.


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