Legends of Runeterra Announces Empires of the Ascended Expansion for March

by in Legends of Runeterra | Feb, 18th 2021

The largest expansion to date for Legends of Runeterra has officially been announced – Empires of the Ascended! We’re getting a brand-new faction, and 9 champions are coming to the game. The destination? Shurima! You can view the cinematic trailer here, and we cannot wait to see what this new expansion holds. As the days to March 3rd tick down, we’ll be seeing a variety of reveals for the set, and as always, we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Empires of the Ascended: Behold, Shurima!

Empires of the Ascended will bring 110 new cards to Legends of Runeterra, including nine champions and a new region, Shurima, a vast, mystical, ancient, brutal desert-like land that was once home to the most powerful empire on Runeterra which collapsed long ago, for players to experience on March 3rd.<

“We’re super excited for everyone to finally experience the glorious new region, Shurima. For this set, we’ve really tried to go “next level” in cinematic moments, novel mechanics, and big plays. We can’t wait to see what you do with it when it goes live!”, says Mark Sassenrath, Design Lead for Legends of Runeterra’s Empires of the Ascended expansion.

Who can we expect to see in this expansion though? Shurima is a vast region after all. If we’re going to get nine new champions, surely, they won’t all be in the Shurima faction proper. If we’re going to go for the most important (potentially), here are some thoughts:

  • Azir
  • Amumu
  • Nasus
  • Renekton
  • Sivir

Rammus would be rad too, so would Xerath. There will be at least three Shurima Champions we think, but possibly more. We ought to be seeing spoilers begin today or tomorrow, so stay tuned, we’ll be covering them as the Legends of Runeterra Empires of the Ascended expansion unfolds! It’s going to be a great year for card games.


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