Emails Reveal Walmart Game Streaming Service Named Project Storm

by in General | May, 4th 2021

It seems like there is no shortage of attempts at a cloud gaming-based service, with contenders like Stadia, Nvidia GeforceNOW, and previously OnLive. Now, it seems like an unsuspected contender has been shown in the most unsuspected way. 

Walmart’s Project Storm Leaked in Court

During the Epic Games vs. Apple case, an exhibit was presented, including emails from Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein. He was approached by none other than Walmart to bring Fortnite on board for their upcoming game streaming service codenamed Project Storm.

According to the emails, Walmart has been hard at work pushing for developers and games to be available on their service, with third-party launchers such as, Steam, Origin, and, of course, Epic Games. Rein mentioned in the emails that he has played with a game clip, allowing his phone to attach to an Xbox One Controller. “I played Walmart’s demo on an Android phone (with an Xbox controller) and the experience felt like playing on PS4 and superior to playing on Android or iOS.” In the emails, Walmart also told Rein that they plan to sell the phone clips in store for an extremely low price, Rein said in an email that said the price was “something like $2.”

According to design documents brought up in the exhibit, Walmart’s system is supposedly Windows-based, allowing for most games to run on the service and connecting to all third-party launchers previously mentioned as well as including something that Google struggled to include on their platform, a search bar. Walmart acquiring LiquidSky, a service previously run by IBM and Nvidia technology, proves they are serious about bringing an experience that players would like to have on streaming devices. 

Walmart has seemingly been working on Project Storm since 2019. Reports of developers and publishers hosting their titles on the service had come to light around that time. However, it seems like the Walmart game streaming project has inevitably been put on hold. Rein mentioned in the emails that Walmart’s pricing for Project Storm will most likely be the cheapest compared to competitors like Stadia and GeforceNOW. As “they’re Walmart and that’s their gig.”

The only confirmation between Walmart and Project Storm is the emails revealed during the trial concerning Apple and Epic Games.


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