ELEAGUE Showdown: MTG Arena Kicks Off April 22

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Apr, 21st 2020

ELEAGUE and Wizards of the Coast are teaming up again for a second competition, as MTG Arena will be featured in The Showdown. This is the second iteration of ELEAGUE Showdown: MTG Arena and will be a fun weekly series of battles in the digital version of the popular card game. It begins April 22 at 6 pm EST and is not to be missed!

A Nice Day for Card Games

With the newest expansion recently going live (Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths), having ELEAGUE and MTG Arena teaming up again is perfect timing. We have so many new decks and concepts going around now! This is a perfect time to see if those new Companion decks are truly going to dominate the internet or not. And each Wednesday, from this week until May 27, you can check out these matches for yourself!

So, who is going to be doing the play-by-play commentary on these excellent matches for MTG Arena’s ELEAGUE return? It’s Alias V, Riley, and Marshall S to give play-by-play! The analysis will be done by Cedric Phillips and Corey Baumeister, breaking down each player’s strategies. If that’s not enough to get you hyped, there will also be commentators on a post-event show to revisit the top matches, review cards, and discuss fan-vote topics on May 28 at 6 pm on Twitch.

But you might be saying to yourself “I’m an MTG Arena player! How can I join?!” and that’s what we’re covering next! Players will be selected through a combination of invitations and player applications. Players will compete in one single-elimination match, and the winner advances. The loser is therefore eliminated!

The last winner remaining at the end of each week will earn prize money and become the incumbent “player to defeat” during the next week’s competition. That sounds like a pretty awesome way to run a tournament, and also see what the meta has shaped into! There’s talk that UG is ruined now with these incredible Companion decks, but only time will tell if that’s true or not.

Where can you watch these matches? On the official ELEAGUE Twitch channel, of course!


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