Eightthoughts’ Mod Allegedly Admits to Taking a Gun to Drift0r’s House

by in Entertainment | Apr, 9th 2021

Contrary to Eightthoughts’ statement, Blu, his Discord mod was allegedly paid to take a gun to Drift0r’s house to menace him. According to this rumor, a deal was put in place to pay Blu if he did the deed. The word about what went down with Eightthoughts and Drift0r has opened up, and if this is true, it’s both horrifying and disgusting. This all seems to come to pass from the drama between FaZe Swagg, NICKMERCS, and Eightthoughts. This led to Drift0r being involved, since he has quite a bit of proof of problems with the streamer.

Eightthoughts’ Mod: A Deal Was In Place

FaZe Swagg was accused of cheating, and in response, Eightthoughts’ Youtube channel was taken down. Though Eightthoughts claims the accusations against him are false, NICKMERCS shared proof used in a case against Eightthoughts and one of his Discord mods, named Blu. It sounds like Blu is also denying things now, according to Keemstar, Blu disclosed a deal was put into place with Eightthoughts to have the mod go to Drift0r’s house with a gun:

“Eight Thoughts ‘discord mod “Blue” who showed up to Drift0r’s house with a gun. Just said in interview 8Thoughts & him had a deal. 8thoughts would stream Blu going to Drift0r house on twitch & Blu would keep stream donations. 8Thoughts channels have been banned on Youtube.”

Drift0r’s response on Twitter was “I don’t think the police have even heard about this yet!” which is not only surprising but disappointing. Drift0r pointed out recently Blu wound up being arrested in response to the harassment of Eightthoughts and Blu, but nothing of note happened to Eightthoughts himself. Allegedly, Eightthoughts told Blu not to do this, but Keemstar’s report contracts this.

There’s a great deal of inconsistency across Eightthoughts’ statements and proof that’s been offered. Unfortunately, Keemstar’s interview with Blu hasn’t come to light yet. There’s nothing definitive anywhere yet, other than perhaps Drift0r’s proof of harassment. Eightthoughts’ mod Blu certainly seems to have harassed Drift0r’s house with a gun, and if there was really a set-up to pay the mod for this service, then perhaps the bad times have only begun for Eightthoughts.

We cannot stress enough that there is no definitive proof one way or another right now that we have access to. If the Keemstar interview becomes available to the public or to the authorities, that would certainly shape how this story grows. We’ll be keeping an eye on it and update you accordingly.


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