EG Replaces Tarik With Michu in CSGO

by in CS:GO | Apr, 16th 2021

EG recently announced that Tarik is moving to content creation/streaming, and so now Michu is stepping up. We’ll miss Tarik’s work, but at least he’ll still be around making awesome content on the internet. However, effective immediately, Michal “Michu” Muller will be taking that spot. The CSGO star was reportedly unhappy with EG’s results and benched himself. There were apparently differences in what the org and Tarik envisioned, so he stepped down. It doesn’t sound like there are any hard feelings though. We’re looking forward to seeing what Michu brings to that role for EG’s CSGO roster.

Differences In Opinion:

Michu has played for several teams, such as Envy and Virtus.Pro. An experienced pro, they should hopefully slot in nicely with the Evil Geniuses’ roster. According to reports, Tarik was unhappy with how the EG CSGO roster performed, leading to Michu replacing him. Tarik had this to say:


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