eFootball PES 2022 Reveal | Could it Be Any Worse?

by in Sports Games | Jul, 22nd 2021

Everyone is talking about eFootball 2022 reveal trailer over the last two days. It’s big news for football lovers across the globe. With FIFA ruling the market with an iron fist, fans hoped an extra year of development would result in PES (or eFootball) finally getting closer to EA’s franchise.

Unfortunately, the folks over at KONAMI completely missed the opportunity…

eFootball PES 2022 Reveal Trailer

Before we go any further, here’s a quick look at the eFootball PES 2022 reveal trailer:

What do you guys think about this? What do you think about the graphics? What about cross-platform support? Any ideas if this is going to be enough to rock FIFA’s pedestal at the top of the football simulation niche?

Cross Platform Support as the Focal Point

As the trailer emphasized several times, the focal point of the all-new eFootball PES 2022 is true cross-platform support. No matter which platform you play the game on, be it PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or mobile, you’re going to have the exact same experience as other players.

While this is what players did cheer for in the past, KONAMI’s implementation doesn’t seem impressive. It’d be perfect if they hadn’t gone with true cross-platform based on the mobile version. That will be too much to swallow for players on consoles and PC, both graphics and gameplay-wise.

Master League as Paid DLC

Fans are Disappointed

At the time of writing, the eFootball 2020 release video had almost 20k likes and just above 7.5k dislikes. That goes to show you that the community didn’t really accept the game all too well. The game’s open beta version left fans puzzled with mobile-like graphics and dumbed down gameplay. No one knew what to expect… and in the end, it’s safe to say KONAMI disappointed everyone.

Even though I’m a big football fan myself, and I do play some FIFA from time to time, I’m always the first one to emphasize the issues. Both games have had them for years now, but the eFootball PES 2022 reveal makes FIFA’s issues seem like petty nuances.

With the first trailer of eFootball PES 2022, KONAMI is taking a massive step…in the wrong direction.

Rest in peace Pro Evolution Soccer!


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