eFootball Is the Worst Reviewed Game on Steam, Likely Due to Graphics

by in Sports Games | Sep, 30th 2021

Konami has released eFootball 2022, its own concerning attempt to rebrand the Pro Evolution Soccer series and fill a new space that FIFA is currently not in with the free-to-play AAA football market. However, the new title has launched and much of the community is poking fun at the awful eFootball graphics. 

eFootball 2022 Launches With Numerous Issues

With something new like this that is free-to-play and online-focused, it is no surprise that the game’s launch has been met with numerous issues. Players have downloaded the free game on PC. There are plenty of posts going over the various problems that the game is currently having. 

Many of the issues are memes poking fun at the really bad eFootball graphics, but there are issues beyond that. For one, there is the fact that the AI for the opponents and other characters on the pitch is pretty awful, resulting in some unfair scenarios. 

Players across Reddit and other social media sites have posted their grievances about the sports game, noting that there are times where they have encountered problems with players on the field just randomly disappearing and becoming essentially invisible. 

This will make the game either quite unfair, especially if they are currently in possession of the ball, or straight up bizarre. It does not just affect the visibility of the players as there are situations where the AI is just inactive, causing the goalies not even to attempt to stop the ball from going in. 

eFootball Graphics Are Especially Bad

Furthermore, there are some hilariously weird events like referees making some odd decisions about handling situations with players, fouls, and the like. Beyond those, the bulk of the complaints from players have been that the eFootball graphics are outright terrible. 

This can be seen in countless Reddit threads and social media posts that range from simply concerning to the downright goofy. For one, the character models in the game might make you wish you never had when you could see them. 

Some of the character models and eFootball graphics are a disgrace to the real players who play the sport. Some people share images that compare the game’s box art with the actual in-game character model, which is laughably bad side-by-side. 

Unfortunately, other non-football games like Fortnite can have a better character model for someone like Neymar Jr. than the actual eFootball graphics do. To make matters worse, this is only for the players on the field who, somehow, look better than anyone else in the game. 

If you go beyond the players, you will find that the character models of the NPCs that are off the pitch, in the stands, and the like somehow look worse than the players. Other memes zoom in on the characters in the stands who, at best, look like flat, funny zombies and, at worse, are seriously horrifying in their designs. 

It Is Also Lacking Content

Overall, the eFootball graphics are only one part of the equation for what makes this launch so bad. There are other issues, too, like the overwhelming lack of content once you can get past the AI and graphical issues. After all, Konami noted that this would be a reinvention of the series that starts as a free “demo.” 

It is basically in early access with plenty of changes and new content to come soon. There are game modes and other features set to release for the future, making it a pretty incomplete package, especially compared to past PES titles. 

To only put the nail in the coffin for the game, though, is that it is in such a poor state with the eFootball graphics and other major issues that it is currently the worst reviewed game on Steam by a long shot. Even though it is only the first week of its release, it has already taken home this crown, which is admittedly not an easy task to accomplish. 

It is Currently the Worst Reviewed Game on Steam

According to Steam 250, the worst-reviewed game right now is eFootball 2022. The current Steam reviews system will give a percentage of players who say that a game is good. That will result in the overall rating shown on the game’s Steam page. 

In the case of eFootball 2022, it is sitting at an overall score of 0.84, which is abysmal, and an 8% rating with 1,611 votes at the time of writing this post. It beats the next worst game and the former winner of this unfortunate category, Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction, released in 2011. 

That previous winner (loser?) of this category was sitting at 15% and an almost double score than eFootball 2022 at 1.52. Some of the notable games in this category of the worst reviewed titles on Steam include RollerCoaster Tycoon World, the infamous Godus, Sacred 3, and Deus Ex: The Fall. 

The next sports games to even come close to being as bad as eFootball 2022 in terms of review scores on Steam are NBA 2K18 and Madden NFL 2022. 2K18 was released in 2017 and is sitting at the 14th spot on the list with an overall percentage of 29%. 

Meanwhile, there is Madden NFL 2022 that is pretty new, too, released in August with a 30% rating at this time. Even though that is pretty bad on its own, it pales compared to the horrible rating that eFootball 2022 currently has. It will be quite difficult for Konami to recover that Steam rating and make it rise through the ranks, let alone have another game rated worse. 


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