Easy Fix for Halo Infinite Aim Assist Bug Wreaking Havoc on PC

by in General | Nov, 23rd 2021

Halo Infinite’s got a lot of people very excited about esports and Halo in general again, but there is an Aim Assist bug. This Aim Assist bug in Halo Infinite is incredibly easily triggered, but it’s also capable of being corrected. For some reason, players are having their Aim Assist turned off, and you have two choices before fixing it – play that way, or log out, and try to get it back. Thankfully, some enterprising players have figured out what’s causing it and how to fix it – until 343 Industries gets around to patching it. Hopefully, that won’t take too long.

What Causes the Halo Infinite Aim Assist Bug/How to Fix

The theory is that the bug triggers after leaving the title screen. It is triggered apparently, by the “Press Start” portion of the game. The Halo Infinite Aim Assist bug is primarily affecting people who play on PC with a controller as well. When you are using a controller, and press enter on the keyboard instead of using your controller, it may trigger the game thinking you’re using a keyboard/mouse combo. That’s why it is turning off Aim Assist for you.

Now, you can still use your controller, but you won’t have your Aim Assist for your controller. So the Aim Assist bug for Halo Infinite in essence, combines your controller settings. Chance Duncan on Twitter brought it to light, talking about what happened to them, as it happened to them twice:

“if you press enter on keyboard at this screen instead of start on your controller sometimes you’ll get no aim assist in game and game will think you’re on mouse even though you’re on controller…”

So how do you fix the Halo Infinite Aim Assist bug? It’s incredibly simple, but we still hope it gets fixed quickly. If you plan on using a controller on PC for Halo Infinite, don’t hit “Enter” on your keyboard to start the game. Use the controller to start the game on the title screen. That way, it’s clear what controls you’re using, and hopefully, it won’t give you further issues. It’s a bizarre bug, but that’s what you need to be aware of if you’re playing Halo Infinite with a controller.


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