EA Teases Future Titanfall 3 From Respawn Entertainment

by in General | Aug, 5th 2020

EA hosted its quarterly investors call this week, giving the latest details and information to the investors who fund and back the company and its many games. An EA executive revealed some exciting information during the investors, hinting at a possible Titanfall 3 release in the future.

EA Earnings Call Teases Titanfall 3

It is fairly standard for investor calls to have info leak out of it early before an official announcement is made regarding new games and sequels. Companies like EA have to appeal to the people who are funding the company by letting them know what’s next in the pipeline.

Such is what happened with the most recent earnings call. The EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen teased the possibility of a Titanfall 3 from Respawn Entertainment to investors (caught by Dexerto). While speaking on the earnings during Q1 for 2020, Jorgensen talked about Respawn.

Respawn Entertainment, the now renowned developer behind Apex Legends and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, has been one of the biggest hits for EA in recent years, something the publisher hasn’t had much of lately. A question was posed by one of the investors regarding acquiring new studios.

Jorgensen answered the question while referencing Respawn, one of the studios that EA acquired in the past decade. Interestingly enough, the decision to purchase Respawn for $300 million was not about what the studio did in the past.

We Might See Titanfall “Down the Road”

EA didn’t buy Respawn because of what it was working on, but for the potential talent the studio had and what it could do. Jorgensen went on to note that the team had “incredible talent” and EA was able to give them the support they needed.

But in the end, the acquisition had nothing to do with the Titanfall series as a whole overall. Though this may have sounded like a sleight against the first-person shooter mech series, the chief financial officer clarified that it is an amazing game.

This is where Jorgensen then teased the possibility of a Titanfall 3 in the future, noting that “maybe we’ll see Titanfall sometime down the road.” This was an intriguing statement to make after dismissing the series, leading us to believe that it wasn’t for no particular reason.

Jorgensen is likely privy to info regarding the future of the Titanfall series and a possible third entry in the franchise. But if there is a Titanfall 3 in the future, we wouldn’t expect anytime soon, as Respawn has already shot down a new Titanfall game in the recent past.

Apex Legends Success Could Be the Reason for Titanfall 3

If the teases from Jorgensen are believed, this would mean something very recent and extremely early in pre-production at Respawn or perhaps even another studio that EA owns. As such, it is unlikely that we will hear about Titanfall 3 anytime soon.

We doubt that we would even hear about it next year as that would likely be too early even still for the third entry in the series. At the same time, the comments could have just been referencing the fact that EA would like to see Respawn or another team tackle the series in the future.

It wouldn’t be too surprising since Apex Legends has become such a huge success for EA and Respawn overall. Technically set in the same universe as the Titanfall series, it eschews the mech format and opts for a focused first-person shooter with character abilities thrown in there.

Apex Legends is not only one of the most popular games now, but it is easily one of the best battle royale games in 2020. Given its successes, EA is doubling down on the game and making sure to bring it to new platforms like Nintendo Switch, Steam, and mobile this year.

Titanfall 3 Could Take the Apex Name

But the success doesn’t have to stop there, as Apex Legends could even mean that a singleplayer, story-focused game in the Titanfall universe could come soon. The Broken Ghost storyline this season even teased that, having more of a story-driven experience in a free-to-play game.

We have predicted and asked for a more campaign-like experience in Apex Legends in the past, and it could be that which Jorgensen is referencing. Given the recognizable name that is Apex Legends, we wouldn’t be surprised if a singleplayer Titanfall game was released using that name instead, like Apex something.

After all, the Titanfall series wasn’t exactly the first-person shooter success that EA thought it would be. Coming from the creators of the Call of Duty series after leaving Activision, Titanfall brought a sci-fi setting and mechs to the first-person genre, but it didn’t quite stick the landing in terms of sales.

Though Titanfall 2, in particular, was praised by critics and fans alike, it arrived at a strange and busy time that didn’t help it achieve the commercial success that it certainly deserved. Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment did find success singleplayer-wise last year with Jedi Fallen Order, breaking records in the process, so there is some hope for a story-driven Titanfall 3.

For now, though, we will have to wait and see as the tease from the EA chief financial officer during the earnings call is all we have at this time. But fortunately, a future Titanfall 3 release will happen one way or the other and be able to take advantage of the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s power.


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