E3’s Banned Words List Was a Test, According to ESA

by in General | Jun, 10th 2021

A list of banned words for E3 was recently revealed, and according to the ESA, this was a test list. The E3 organizers insist it’s not a list that’s going to be implemented, but it’s certainly an interesting list. The E3 banned words list was originally found as a Java file, by a member of the ResetEra forums. It has been confirmed to be a real list though, by a spokesperson for the ESA, but it was supposed to be a placeholder.

Not All Offensive Words

A wide variety of profanities were on this list of banned words for E3, and that makes sense. We’re not surprised about a list of political-themed words either. “Black President”, “Trump Train”, things of that nature. Religious words were also banned, such as allah, christ, jew, koran, and qu’ran. These words aren’t bad, in and of themselves. But if E3 wants to have an online event that’s open and a safe space for people of all cultures to come together, some things probably ought not to be said.

That way we can avoid toxicity and hurt feelings. People will still find a way though. Perhaps the most interesting words on the list were “Canada” and “Canadian”. Why would someone be upset about Canadians?  Because racists, particularly in the southeastern United States, have begun using Canadian as a term for black people.

The ESA spokesperson pointed out that banned words list for the E3 wasn’t made by the ESA, but it was a real list that was in their site code:

“The team working on the E3 portal used a sampling of words that came from a third party software company only for the purpose of functionality testing on the portal. This is not the final list, only a test list. The primary goal of curating this final list is to ensure the moderation functionality is being properly implemented to create a safe environment for all users.”

The JavaScript file has been updated, and the banned words list is no longer in it. There will still no doubt be banned words, to keep the toxicity as low as possible. After all, ESA’s goal is to make E3 welcome for all, “regardless of race, ethnicity, color, caste, religion, national origin, immigration status, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, veteran status, and other protected categories.”

The ESA’s Code of Conduct also points out:

“Participating in a global event brings with it the responsibility to be mindful of different cultures and customs. ESA does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, hateful conduct, or abusive treatment in any manner, including verbal harassment, intimidation or threats, and sexually explicit, suggestive, or provocative behavior.”

We’re just hoping that E3 is fun for everyone, and we come away with some awesome news as for what games we can expect later in 2021, and into 2022. It’s important that gaming and esports be for everyone, so keeping some words off of people’s keyboards may be for the best.


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