E3 2021 Full Schedule Officially Revealed

by in General | Jun, 4th 2021

E3 is back after taking a hiatus last year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It seems that it’s high time for E3 to make its return to the world. While E3 may still be an online-only event, this doesn’t mean that players won’t get their fill of gaming news when E3 kicks off soon. 

E3 launched its 2021 schedule to the public, showing what is to be expected during the festivities. They’ve also mentioned the abundance of virtual booths, as well as online panel discussions. While Sony will make an appearance this year, Nintendo and Microsoft have the floor all to themselves, along with other important companies in the industry. Here’s all that’s going to be happening during the massive event.

E3 2021: Day 1 Schedule

The E3 2021 schedule will start on June 12 with a pre-show at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET). It will consist of hyping up the events and being a lead into the first press conferences from two major publishers and developers. E3 will begin properly with the floor being taken by Ubisoft, most likely giving information out about their development of Far Cry 6, The Crew 2, and new Rainbow 6 content. This will be followed by Gearbox, the developers behind the Borderlands series.

The pre-show will also feature Devolver Direct showcasing new content. With games like Shadow Warrior 3 releasing soon, Devolver will certainly have something to show players if they can make their way through the often-absurd segments between reveals during the online broadcast. 

E3 2021: Day 2 Schedule

June 13 will kick off with Microsoft and Bethesda coming together to announce titles. With Xbox purchasing Bethesda, many will be wondering what will come of this momentous acquisition. This will be followed up by announcements from Square Enix, which reportedly has something up its sleeves this year. 

The E3 2021 schedule will also see PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show take the stage. Square Enix and Warner Bros. Games most likely announce more information on Gotham Knights, the co-op Batman game that takes inspiration from the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham series. 

Back 4 Blood will also appear, as Turtle Rock Studios will show off more information about the title. Fans have been waiting to see a proper run-through of a session to see how the game plays. 24 Entertainment is also said to be making an appearance as well. 

E3 2021: Day 3 Schedule

On June 14, independent developers will take the stage. Mythical Games and Freedom Games are set to make an appearance, followed by the company Razer. This makes for a pleasant surprise. Not much is known regarding what Razer will show off during E3. 

Razer will be followed by Capcom, who just recently released Resident Evil 8. While the game did well, there’s still the game Resident Evil Re:Verse that hasn’t gotten a proper release date. This gives Capcom a fantastic opportunity to show off the game during their presentation. 

Take-Two Interactive will take to the stage throughout the day to hold a panel discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion, allowing onlookers to talk about these issues with the developer. However, by the end of the day, two unlikely contenders will be entering the ring: Verizon and Intellivision.

Verizon told the public that something would be announced during their E3 presentation, drawing confusion and interest in the phone company. Intellivision is returning to the gaming industry with a massive focus on the Amico, their new family-oriented console. A modernized version of the original Intellivision, the system is an all-digital box with two controllers that trade the number pad of the original console for a touch screen. The system, priced at $249, can support up to eight players. Intellivision is very proud of their family system, and it’s to be expected that the Amico will be making an appearance during their presentation.

E3 2021: Day 4 Schedule

The E3 2021 schedule will end in a bang, with Nintendo taking to the stage at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET) on June 15. Nintendo’s 40-minute Direct is one of the most anticipated announcements coming to E3. With its recently lackluster year, fans have been waiting to see what they are cooking up next for their console, as well as if they’re planning on announcing their rumored Switch Pro

After that, fans will be treated to three hours of Nintendo Treehouse live. This broadcast usually includes many of the games featured, so players who want to see some of Nintendo’s possible announcements in action can catch them during the Treehouse presentation. 

However, Nintendo won’t be the only participant during the final day of E3. BANDAI NAMCO will have its presentation as well. Yooreka Studios and GameSpot will make an appearance, too. The official E3 2021 Awards Show will also take place. Fans will also have plenty to interact with during the duration of E3, with many activities to do online for everyone to enjoy. E3 wants to make the showcases safe while maintaining a worthwhile experience for all players involved. E3 has put together lounges, special forums, and leaderboards for those to spend their time online wisely. 

However, not all decided to make their way back to E3. Sony and EA stepped away from the expo, opting to take part in their presentations later. EA’s presentation is taking place on July 22.

With the COVID-19 pandemic coming to a supposed close, E3 is back once again. Fans have every reason to be excited, as it feels like two years’ worth of gaming news will be crammed into a few short days. What used to be the “Christmas of gaming” is now going to be bigger than it could’ve ever been. 


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