Dying Light 2 Release Date Delayed to February 2022

by in General | Sep, 14th 2021

Dying Light 2 has been stuck in development hell for years. The game has had various delays since its initial announcement, to the point where the developers delayed Dying Light 2 indefinitely last year. Considering the original Dying Light came out 7 years ago, it’s been a long wait for a sequel to the critically acclaimed title. Today, we got a new delayed release date for Dying Light 2: February 4th, 2022.

For Real This Time

A tweet from the official Dying Light 2 twitter account gave us this delayed release date for February 2022, as well as some information regarding the title’s development. Previously, Dying Light 2 was meant to release December 7th of this year. However, due to a number of factors pointed out by developer Techland, this unfortunate delay is required to release a high-quality product.

On top of the release date, we also got confirmation that content creators and press will get hands-on with both console and PC versions of the game next month. We haven’t gotten unedited gameplay as of yet, so it’ll be a great way to see some raw Dying Light 2 gameplay before its February 2022 release date.

In Techland We Trust

Unlike most delays, the reception here has been generally positive across all social media. Despite Dying Light’s age, they’ve been adding content since release. Following a single paid DLC, most of the in-game events have been completely free. Techland have released a variety of cosmetic and weapon DLCs to fund their next title and keep Dying Light profitable, but the title still has a thriving community so many years later.

After the trend of big publishers rushing AAA games out the door, replies to this announcement are filled with people satisfied with Techland’s decision to make sure Dying Light 2 is the best game it can be. Disastrous releases like Cyberpunk 2077 have shown that rushing games out the door can mar the final product in ways that are irreversible. Hopefully we get our hands on Dying Light 2 on its new release date in February 2022.


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