DrLupo Announces Switch to YouTube Gaming

by in General | Aug, 30th 2021

Fortnite and variety streamer DrLupo announced today that he plans to take his stream from Twitch to YouTube Gaming exclusively. In a video released on his Twitter page, Lupo showcased prior achievements from his streaming career in an incredibly slick and polished video package. While he’s found his audience on Twitch, DrLupo will be bringing that audience to YouTube Gaming with his first scheduled stream happening on August 31st.

DrLupo’s Career Highlights and the Move to YouTube

DrLupo currently has a tidy 4.5 million followers on his Twitch channel, with 1.74 million on his YouTube page. DrLupo’s streams have gained the attention of national brands like State Farm, Verizon, and Intel, with State Farm working with him on charity streams, Verizon offering exclusive discounts to channel viewers whenever DrLupo scores a win in Apex Legends, and Intel making him the opening act of their Intel Gamer Days presentation

DrLupo helped make gaming a platform rather than a pastime. His stream with Representatives Ilhan Omar and AOC helped humanize younger politicians and ingratiate them with a new generation. His charity stream for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital raised 2.4 million dollars last year and brought his total lifetime giving to nearly 10 million. 

These achievements show how gaming can transform into being vehicles for informing audiences and activating them for charitable causes, as well as making personality-driven content the forefront for new marketing initiatives. DrLupo excels in facilitating these partnerships and initiatives, which likely drew the attention of Google and YouTube. 

Google loves to remind parties looking to market on their platform of the reach of their creators. By adding DrLupo to their list of exclusive gaming streams, they may be looking to increase their appeal.

Their platform now has expanded to including short-form made for mobile devices by introducing YouTube Shorts, which can benefit streamers on YouTube who want to make short, promotional content for their streams. By moving to YouTube, DrLupo could consolidate a variety of video content to just one platform, which could ease his workload during the entirety of his exclusivity contract.

We’ll be sure to know what surprises are in store when DrLupo has his first YouTube Gaming exclusive stream premieres on August 31st. 


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