DrLupo Aims to Raise $2.7 Million for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

by in General | Dec, 17th 2019

St. Judge Children’s Research Hospital is a charity that I think just about everyone can get behind. Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo is once again working to raise money for that charity. On December 21st, 2019, at 1 PM ET, he will begin his second annual 24-hour stream.

The goal? Raising as much money as humanly possible for a worthy cause. Last year, he hit $2.7 million dollars, so his goal is to break that mark. I bet he can do it.

Big Time Streamer, Stand-Up Fellow

More often than not, we find streamers engaging in Nazi Roleplay, cheating, breaking down hotel rooms, and other awful, repugnant things. It’s really nice to see something wholesome and good in the world of esports and big-time streamers.

DrLupo recently signed a huge deal with Twitch, alongside TimTheTatman and Lirik. With this partnership, I can only imagine Twitch will likely contribute in some way to the man’s charitable goal for the year. Last year, DrLupo raised over 1.3 million, which had more than 600,000 for St Judge during a previous 24-hour livestream.

During an event called St Jude Inspire, DrLupo visited a hospital to play games with the patient’s families, learned about the charity, and answered questions. There was also a week-long event (Gaming Community Expo), which was formerly GuardianCon. This charity also benefited St Jude.

Loaded, the content creator management company that represents DrLupo will be attempting to secure sponsors and products to maximize the money raised, and I’m sure it will help. After all, it looks good for a company to benefit a charity stream, especially for such a good cause. The talent agency in question will also reportedly also donate to St. Jude’s as well.

You Love To See It

ReKTGlobal (the team DrLupo is signed to) also are slated to take part, and Twitch will too. DrLupo has pledged to keep doing things like this after signing his multi-year Twitch deal, and I’m excited for it. There’s nothing selfish about this that I can see.

We always have some kind of negative thing to report, so I’m frankly glad to have something positive to talk about. This is likely to be a huge event, and I hope nothing but success for DrLupo’s stream. GamesDoneQuick is always successful on Twitch every year, as is RPG Limit Break. More streamers with huge followings should follow this kind of example.

DrLupo has over 3.5 million followers, and 79 million+ views on Twitch. His profile has surely only grown since other major names left the platform to boot. He has an absolutely titanic following, and is doing what sounds like a great move to set an example and raise money for a good cause. My hat’s off to you, DrLupo.


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