Drift0r Reveals A Warzone Exploit to Create Bot Lobbies

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 8th 2021

Drift0r is a Call of Duty content creator, and his newest video has a monumental exploit to reveal. This Warzone exploit from Drift0r has players able to reliably create bot lobbies, or simply have “lower-skilled than normal” lobbies in the Call of Duty mode. Two-Thirds of the time, you can make bot lobbies and look far more skilled than you area.

“Worse Than the DMR-14 in Warzone”

That’s how this was teased. Drift0r said this latest exploit was worse than Warzone’s DMR-14, and the bot lobbies certainly qualifies. It sounds like players can abuse this to look far more skilled, or even use it in competitive Warzone tournaments/events so they can get easier wins. This isn’t going to work 100% of the time, but Drift0r pointed out that even when it didn’t, the lobbies were lower-skilled than he was accustomed to.

Drift0r, when he discussed the Warzone bot lobbies said this:

“You’re not just removing skill-based matchmaking. But you’re actually going the other way, way back down into low K/D territory and getting very easy first time players that have no idea what’s going on.”

However, Drift0r didn’t explain how to do the bot, and he’s got enough integrity for us to trust that he won’t abuse it himself. Even if he had, we wouldn’t share it anyway, because this isn’t something players need to be doing. He did show some results in the video of this exploit though. One of his lobbies had an average of 0.79 K/D across the lobby itself. Drift0r did explain why he didn’t share how to do this:

“The facts on this video are ‘dude, trust me bro,’ which is the worst kind of facts… but if I show you the facts, I ruin my favorite game, I have to destroy something I love in order to show the truth, which is not a position I want to be in.”

We don’t blame him, either. If everyone knew how to make bot lobbies in Warzone, Drift0r would have caused serious damage to the competitive nature of the game. He did send the information he had to Activision, and hopefully, they will do something about it. If their stance on Anti-Cheat is anything to go by lately, we aren’t holding our breath.

Sure, Skilled-Based Match Making is a real hot-button topic in Call of Duty right now. This would be just as bad. If everyone could just figure out how to make bot lobbies, they would bot up their skill level over and over. We don’t imagine this sort of exploit will stay a secret for very long. It’s very likely there are plenty of people that already know. We talk about exploits in Warzone quite a lot, but this one certainly needs to be fixed as soon as possible. This particular exploit doesn’t just remove SBMM, but it goes the other way and makes you appear in a skill area that you don’t belong in.


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