Drift0r Opens Up About Alleged Harassment By Eight Thoughts

by in Entertainment | Apr, 5th 2021

This is hopefully the end of the drama between Drift0r and Eight Thoughts, that’s for sure. 2020 was a very rough year for CoD content creator Drift0r, as he allegedly was harassed through the entire year by another CoD content creator, Eight Thoughts. Apparently, though, Eight Thoughts did none of the deeds himself but got his Discord admin to commit acts for him. It sounds wild, but according to Drift0r, he has several recordings of EightThoughts doing heinous things to harass him.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Thankfully, it seems like this is over, as far as it goes for Drift0r being harassed by Eight Thoughts. In a tweet, Drift0r pointed out that Eight Thoughts hired his Discord admin to Swat, Steal credit card info, tow Drift0r’s car, impersonate military personnel, impersonate police, and hire escorts for “break-in fantasies”. According to Drit0r, this is all just the tip of the iceberg, as it pertains to how this has all gone down. He said that once his health improved, he’ll say more, but wanted to get this off his chest, and we don’t blame him.

In the tweet thread, Drift0r also released a voice message that is absolutely insane. Allegedly, Eight Thoughts sent this to a high school student, after doxing them, after some Discord drama. This isn’t about Eight Thoughts and Drift0r, but it does speak to the kind of person Drift0r says he is. In this video, Drift0r says Eight Thoughts released this kid’s personal information to thousands, impersonated his father on social media to try and get the kid fired, and so much more.

In the voice message, the person claimed to be Drift0r (“or maybe not, I’m off my meds” as the clip says afterward) and it gets incredibly dark and uncomfortable to listen to. Please be aware of that before you listen. Eight Thoughts allegedly harassed this kid for months, and his family to ruin their lives over Discord drama. Further, in this clip, the voice in the message wants a video of the kid’s dad beating him, and then mocks the kid for being regularly beat, because he’s a “punk-ass b**ch”.

Why is this important to know? It speaks to what the streamer did to Drift0r. In addition to the aforementioned list, Eight Thoughts allegedly streamed a guy with a ski mask and gun going to Drift0r’s house to menace him or worse. Drift0r points out that Eight Thoughts has swatted him multiple times, and will get into all the details, so he can cover it “one drama at a time”.

This isn’t the only time something like this has come up with Eight Thoughts, either. He also recently posted a tweet where NIckmercs discussed legal action against him due to videos alleging FaZe Swagg cheating in a Warzone tournament. In this, Eight Thoughts states they’ve never sent or advocated an attack on anyone, which is what led to Drift0r posting the recording of Eight Thoughts harassing a high school student. This is truly a horrifying incident. It sounds like the courts could not make a case or do not understand streaming/online content creation enough to make a case one way or another.

Either way, we hope Drift0r is safe and that everyone else involved is too. It’s a terrible thing to be harassed by an entire community over online gaming.


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