DreamHack CSGO Open June Invitations Revealed

by in CS:GO | Jun, 10th 2021

DH Open June invitations have been revealed. Nothing surprising in this department as they followed the official regional ESL World Ranking. The NA DH Open June invitations went towards six highest-ranking CSGO teams in the region, with the most notable absences being “runaway teams” like EG, Complexity, and Team Liquid. The Asian DH Open June, a much smaller iteration, will only feature four teams, two of which we already know, D13 and Lynn Vision.

Both Asian and NA events start on Tuesday, June 29th, and run through Saturday, July 3rd. DH Open June invitations announcement comes just in time for the invitees to start preparing for upcoming matches.

DH Open June Invitations | Two Spots Left Open

There are still four spots up for grabs, two in each division. The first round of open qualifiers for both regional events starts today. The first matches are already underway, so feel free to tune into the live action!

The second round of open qualifiers starts on Saturday, with the final stage (closed qualifiers) scheduled for next Thursday for NA, and next Saturday for the Asian DH Open June. Four teams will get direct invites to the closed qualifiers for the North American event. The Asian iteration, featuring only half the teams, will have just two direct invitees.

Both events will be using the new map pool including Ancient. We’ve seen several top-tier matches on it, and so far, things have been pretty good. The all-new competitive map wasn’t as big of a debacle as Vertigo in its time, but it’s been raising quite a bit of dust too.

What’s also been raising dust is the nomenclature. Some portals label it as DreamHack Open June; some as DreamHack Open July. The official name, however, is DreamHack Open 45. That’s the name that’s featured on DreamHack’s official website, which means HLTV and Liquipedia should correct their issues.


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