Dream Shares Face Reveal Plan in Recent Interview

by in Entertainment | Jun, 9th 2021

The masked Minecraft streamer Dream is finally going to do a face reveal in the future, according to an interview with Anthony Padilla. This comes hot on the heels of the recent discourse of Dream admitting to cheating in his Minecraft speedrun. Now admittedly, he did walk it back, claiming he’s a Youtuber and not a speedrunner, and that it was on accident, this could be construed as damage control. So what did Dream have to say when he sat down with Anthony Padilla?

The Face Reveal is The Next Step of His Career

The face reveal is key to opening up the sort of content Dream can make, according to the interview. Dream points out that he can’t express himself in as many ways while wearing a mask. You can’t see when he’s really upset, or happy with the mask, he has to rely on the tone of his voice. In particular, Dream had this to say on the nature of content:

“The biggest downside is just not being able to express myself fully. I want to be able to do things that you can’t do. Like let’s say go and meet people. It’s restricting on the things I can do, like being able to do TikToks.”

Admittedly, you can do TikToks with a mask. It just requires a little more creativity, and perhaps Dream has what it takes. He does have a point though. You can only express so much without your face. Ultimately, Dream’s content likely won’t change, and the mask, according to Dream, would remain a part of his branding.

Instead, it’s going to be the “next chapter” of the style of content he produces. The Dream Mask may be iconic when it comes to seeing Minecraft content, the face reveal is coming, according to the interview. He talked about this next chapter during the interview:

“Not really. The smile and the mask that is all going to be a part of my brand even after the face reveal, it’s more so going to be a new chapter. I’ll be able to get to do more things I haven’t been able to do. And my goal is to take full advantage of it.”

But when will this take place? There’s no telling right now. Dream does plan to do a face reveal, according to the interview. The actual time of the reveal hasn’t been given, but Dream says he wants it to be an interactive thing, something he fans can participate in somehow. He also wants to have his friends there when it goes down.

Though he doesn’t want to make it a big deal reportedly, it’s no doubt going to wind up being one, given the level of his celebrity. “So I thought of a meetup, or some kind of event. I would do it in a way where it wouldn’t be the center of things,” says Dream. He also said the mask wasn’t originally going to be his gimmick. Using it was a sort of accident, and he didn’t intend to keep his face a secret. Since it was a part of his fan art, he just kind of kept using it. You can watch the whole interview right here.


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