Doc Signs TV Deal With Skybound Entertainment

by in General | Dec, 6th 2019

DrDisrespect has been defined by the character he’s created for his stream, with its outlandish and loud personality garnering him legions of fans and fame across the streaming world.

Now DrDisrespect looks ready to take that personality to the next level with a new tv deal with Skybound Entertainment, creators of The Walking Dead, to create a show based upon his streaming character, according to a report from The Holywood Reporter.

While no release date for the show has been given yet, though Doc has noted that it will focus on the origin story and development of the persona, showing how “the doctor became the doctor.”

He also noted that what style the show will take hasn’t been settled yet, though it being an animated show has been thrown around as a possibility.

Discussing why the studio decided to choose DrDisrespect for its first streamer-based TV deal, Skybound president David Alpert remarked that, “There are lots of incredibly talented streamers, but there’s something special about what Guy has done in creating this character. We really believe there’s a unique world around the doctor.”

No release date or platform for the show has been announced as of yet, though we’ll likely hear more in the coming months as development begins to ramp up and a clearer idea of what two parties are going for is formed.

A First for Streamers, and A Growth of Shows for Gaming

While the show is the first of its kind for a streamer, it isn’t the first the only gaming personality show to land a show deal this year.

Back in October, CBS greenlit a comedy series based on Rick Fox’s journey to connect with his son through the creation of esports team Echo Fox, while NBC has also greenlight one from the creators of The Big Bang Theory following a similar format to that hit show.

Former FaZe Clan content creator Censor also has a show with Bleacher Report, while other streamers and esports personalities have appeared in ads and marketing campaigns across the world.

Companies around the world are finally catching on to just how big and valuable gaming personalities are to growing their brands amongst younger generations, and these shows could prove the tipping point for gaming to finally fully shed the awkward image it’s long had.

It’s a new era in the games industry, and the future is only looking brighter for those who’ve long served in it.


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