Drama Surrounds xQc on OfflineTV Rust Server

by in General | Dec, 31st 2020

Wow, Rust has come back to popularity thanks to OfflineTV! Rust has been at the forefront of the news and drama tales lately. This is partly thanks to the competitive nature of xQc. He’s been accused of being incredibly rude to “smaller” streamers. The xQc fanbase also dropped death threats on other streamers in response to all of this drama. The OfflineTV Rust streams are pretty popular, but they haven’t been without controversy.

A Rust Server Without Combat

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Rust is hyper-competitive. It isn’t uncommon to see all of your hard work undone by a group of players who destroy your encampment and gank you, taking everything away. To see a channel like OfflineTV focus on a helpful Rust server is sure a unique thing to see. What has xQc done to anger the OTV fans?

There’s a clip making the rounds of Ash_on_lol, who was told to: “be useful for once and put some f**king wood in the fireplace”, just as an example. She’s not exactly small time, but compared to xQc, perhaps she is. 

Now, Ash didn’t take this lying down. Her response was filled with just as much vitriol, and not undeserved: “Excuse me you f**king pr**k, I’m trying to get your f**king gun back, so don’t be a f**king piece of s**t. Be kind for once, yeah.”

xQc has a pretty ardent fanbase. When this Rust exchange went down, the result was a plethora of death threats. More than one xQc fan told her to kill herself because of the situation. The OTV fans’ response was to call for a petition that would kick xQc from the server because of his competitive nature and how he treats people on the server, such as Ash.

tweet came from xQc where he talked about how much he loves the OfflineTV server and apologized: “The OTV Rust server is too fun, that’s all I think about. My competitiveness overwhelmed me and I was rude to non-PVPers. Tomorrow we’re gonna do better and Team Rocket will take over.”

Truthfully, it doesn’t feel like much of an apology for someone receiving death threats. A sweary but straightforward argument shouldn’t result in someone receiving death threats. Nothing has been decided as of yet. Nobody has been kicked from the server one way or another. 

A PVE Experience

Speaking of xQc and Rust, he recently spoke about what he thinks of the OfflineTV server. Rust is supposed to be a competitive, PVP experience. That’s pretty much how it’s always been. But in a recent stream, xQc spoke about what he thought of the server as a whole. It can be pretty much summed up in one statement: “Everybody has friends and now we can’t kill anybody.”

Over 50 streamers are playing on the OfflineTV Rust server, and it sounds like xQc is one of the few that prefer to play with a combative style. The others prefer the Roleplay experience, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

This isn’t to say that xQc is out there killing everyone at all times. It’s also been pointed out that xQc has a truce with a team member of Sykkunos’ faction since they provided xQc with valuable supplies. This evolved into a truce against the entire Sykkuno faction to make things easier. It’s certainly an exciting way to play Rust, with significantly less PVP. This writer could probably get used to that, after previous experiences in the game.

Though, xQc didn’t appear to break the peace on this server first. It seems that most of xQc’s infractions were his attitude and competitive nature. CallMeCarson riled up the xQc fanbase within an hour of being on the server.

CallMeCarson chased down xQc, dropping him with a cleaver. There was no explanation, and instead of apologizing, he made a cutting remark: “I’m making a good impression on everyone on Twitch.”

This led to xQc’s fans coming to the rescue and bombarding Carson’s chat. Suddenly, Carson had 13,000 people in his chat. Perhaps it was a move designed to show a huge jump in his audience, but there’s no real way to know. Sure, it’s supposed to be a peaceful server, it’s still a PVP game at the end of the day. So, Carson PKed xQc. 

Carson’s response to the xQc fanbase was: “What is your deal? He asked. “I killed him… in [a] video game. Get a life. Holy s***.”

At least it didn’t seem to bother xQc too much. His fans were furious, but the popular streamer just went about his business.


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