Draken Talks About His Crazy NiP Adventure

by in CS:GO | Sep, 5th 2019

The investigation by WESA into Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) was meant to close the book on the whole scandal; however, suspicious wording in its report further fueled the flames of outrage in the community.

These flames were only fanned further over the past weekend, as Draken came forward talking more about his time on NiP, and boy what a crazy addition to the story it is.

A Wild Ride

Starting off, he goes back to before he signed for the team when he was initially part of the GamerLegion (GL) line-up with Scream and Ex6tenz.

When he received the offer from NiP, he left GL to replace Dennis on the starting line-up.

As we heard last time, Draken was initially told he’d only be a stand-in for the team until Dennis’ recovery was complete. He was given a 10-month contract with the potential to become a full member of the team if he did well.

Draken revealed that the team wasn’t told he could become a full-time member of the team. They were only informed he’d be a temporary fill-in for their injured comrade until he whenever he felt ready to return.

As we all know, Dennis returned to the line-up just a month after Draken was signed, forcing him onto the bench with no spot to play and showing that he was lied to by the org.

Now without a starting spot on NiP, and GL already having filled his spot, Draken was left searching for a starting spot on a squad.

Fast forward several months: Draken finally found a spot with Team Ancient, who looked more promising than GL with Disco, Grux, Freddieb, and Plopski rounding out the line-up.

Or, instead, it would have been if NiP hadn’t taken Plopski with them, forgoing Draken again and ruining the new team he’d found a home on. Given they couldn’t use him at the Major, it stung for Draken who gained a grudge from the affair.

Closing out the post on TwitLonger, Draken expressed how nothing would be sweeter than to form a squad of young Swedish talent to find success with and take down NiP. This would leave the possibility of opening a funding page to start a team soon.

Whether or not what NiP was legal, it’s clear they’ve burned a lot of bridges amongst their former players. It serves as a warning for anyone offered a spot on their squad in the future.


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