Dragon Quest’s 35th Anniversary Was Chock-Full of Announcements

by in General | May, 27th 2021

Dragon Quest’s 35th Anniversary stream dropped early this morning. I want to say that there is no franchise I love more than Dragon Quest. More than Mother, Final Fantasy, Yakuza, Magic: the Gathering. It’s the reason I’m into gaming as much as I am. We’re in the 35th year of Dragon Quest, and there’s no sign that they’re losing steam either. Now, all of these games aren’t coming to America, but it does seem like Square-Enix is also embracing Worldwide releases. I’m going to focus on the games that are actually coming to America though, as a part of Dragon Quest’s 35th Anniversary. There’s certainly a lot to be excited about as an RPG fan in 2021.

Dragon Quest XII, Treasures, and DQ3 HD-2D:

I wish we knew more about the next mainline Dragon Quest title, Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate. The teaser just shows off a slightly edgier new logo. Yuji Horii did point out some stuff that’s worth knowing though. Dragon Quest XII is going to be aimed more at adults, first and foremost. Perhaps that means we’ll see less of the cute visuals and monsters. I’m okay with this, but the visual charm is one of the reasons I love the franchise. I’m willing to give it a shot though. 

It’s also being said that Dragon Quest XII is going to make some changes to the turn-based system it’s used for decades: The Command Battle System. I jokingly said it would be the Yakuza combat system since Yakuza now uses the Dragon Quest battle system. I hope that’s not the case, but it would be interesting at least. It would likely turn more into another Dragon Quest musou game. Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate has no release date yet, or platforms, but it is aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release. That’s a huge positive.

Next up is a sort of prequel to Dragon Quest XI. Dragon Quest Treasures is a game set in the world of DQXI and focuses on Erik, one of the main characters, and his sister Mia. It sounds like it’s going to focus on their travels around the world, and the search for treasure, fame, and fortune. I’m so curious to see what this adventure game entails. Given the relatively young ages of Erik and Mia, it could still feature many of the major characters in Dragon Quest XI. Like DQXII, the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary announcements didn’t give us a date or platforms. 

The biggest, best part of the whole event was Dragon Quest 3 2D-HD. Out of the first three Dragon Quest games, 3 came first in the timeline. Technically, one game predates it, but that’s still a relatively recent spoiler. Dragon Quest 3 is beloved the world over, and it’s getting an official 2D HD remaster. It looks like it’s using the art style of Octopath Traveler, and is using Unreal Engine. I won’t lie, it brought a genuine tear to my eye when I watched this trailer. I have so many fond memories of Dragon Quest 3 (Dragon Warrior 3 when I was younger). It’s visually gorgeous so far, and will also see a worldwide release. The trailer shows off what we can expect in combat and walking around the world. 

Yuji Horii, series creator also dropped a really interesting tease during this time. When talking about Dragon Quest I and II, he said, “There might be an unexpected surprise for 1 and 2.” Could we see two more remakes in this style? Now that would be amazing. What would be the biggest baller move on their part would be to make the game unlock a Remake of 1 and 2 at the end of 3, but I’m not expecting that. 

Japan got their own announcements too during the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary stream. Dragon Quest X, the Japan-only MMO is getting a new expansion and is also getting an offline version. This offline-only version will be called Dragon Quest X Offline. It’s a top-down version of the MMO and has been condensed to make it easier to play as a single-player adventure. There’s also a puzzle game coming free-to-play (in Japan only for now), Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi. I’ve been asking for this for years, and I’m going to ask one more time: Please, Square-Enix. Give America the Dragon Quest MMO. It’s all I want.

It seems like only yesterday that Nintendo Power sent me my copy of Dragon Warrior to play on the NES. A few years later, one of my best friends lent me Dragon Warrior II and III to play on my own. I’ve been in love with the series ever since. It’s a brilliant time to be a fan. As more news becomes available, we’ll share it with you right here!


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