Dr. Mundo VGU Finally Revealed for League of Legends!

by in League of Legends | May, 26th 2021

The long-awaited Dr. Mundo VGU has now been officially revealed! All we had up to this point were little bits and pieces, some splash/concept art, and accompanying SFX. Now, though, the “Madman of Zaun” has been fully unveiled and, needless to say, he looks downright spectacular!

Obviously, not everyone’s going to like the direction Riot opted for with the VGU, but Dr. Mundo finally looks, walks, and fights like a champion worthy of our undivided attention! Whether he’ll be viable going forward still remains to be seen, but he will no longer stick out like a sore thumb. Still, we’ll miss the old monstrosity — he wasn’t much to look at, but his oversized wonky model had that extra bit of something that made us fall in love with League way back when! 

So, with that out of the way, let’s go over his relatively updated ability kit!

Dr. Mundo VGU Breakdown | Ability Kit

Passive: “Goes Where He Pleases” — Instead of getting immobilized by an ability/effect, Dr. Mundo will lose a bit of his HP and drop a chemical canister nearby. He can then walk over it and restore a portion of his maximum HP, reducing the cooldown of this passive in the process. If an enemy walks over the canister, though, it’ll be destroyed.

Dr. Mundo’s new splashart

Additionally, Dr. Mundo has increased health regen that scales with his maximum HP.

Q: “Infected Bonesaw” — Dr. Mundo throws an infected bonesaw at an enemy target, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and applying a noticeable slow in process as well. The amount of damage scales with the target’s current HP.

W: “Heart Zapper” — This is a fun one. Upon activation, Dr. Mundo will charge up a defibrillator and dish out AoE damage to all nearby enemies. While active, Mundo will store 25% of all damage taken as gray health. Once you reactivate the ability (which you can do at any point prematurely should you so desire), Mundo will detonate the defibrillator and deal additional damage to all nearby units. If he happens to hit at least one champion, he’ll restore 100% of his stored gray health. If no champions happen to be hit, Dr. Mundo will restore 50% instead.

E: “Blunt Force Trauma” — Mundo passively gains a set amount of AD, which also happens to scale based on his missing health (so an inverse proportion). Once activated, Mundo will violently swing his “medical bag,” causing his next Attack to deal additional physical damage, increased up to 60% based on his missing HP. If the enemy is killed by this blow, Mundo will “swat them away,” dealing the minimum amount of damage to all enemies his victim happens to pass through.

R: “Maximum Dosage” — What a truly appropriate title! Once activated, Dr. Mundo will infuse himself with various chemicals. As a result, he’ll immediately restore 20% of his missing HP, gain 15/25/35% Movement Speed, bonus Attack Damage (equal to 4/5.5/7% of his bonus HP), and regenerate 20/45/70% of his max HP over the next ten seconds. Talk about a potent ultimate!

Dr. Mundo VGU | Closing Remarks

All in all, it seems like Riot has yet another winner on their hands! Mundo’s abilities have been updated and adjusted for 2021, he has fairly pronounced strengths and weaknesses, and arguably the best walking animation in the entire game. 1820 RP for this? Money well spent. Truly a (mad)man who goes where he pleases!

There’s quite a lot to like here, and we can’t wait to test him out ourselves once the Dr. Mundo VGU hits live servers alongside patch 11.12!


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