Dr Disrespect Was Not Impressed By CoD Vanguard Reveal

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 20th 2021

CoD Vanguard recently had a live event to hype the impending release, but Dr Disrespect thought it was “weak.” He might be looking forward to the game after all, but the event to hype it up left the Two-Time disappointed. He, like all of us, wants the game to be good. Not everyone was quite so negative, but Dr Disrespect didn’t seem to think a whole lot of this limited-time CoD Vanguard event. What did he have to say?

Is There a Next Step?

During this limited-time CoD Vanguard event, players dropped into a version of Verdansk in a first-ever PVE Warzone event. It was a quad-based experience, and quite a few streamers and players enjoyed it. What did Dr Disrespect think of a CoD Vanguard event like this? Well, not much. After blowing up the train and the Vanguard trailer, his question was, “Is there a next step,” and then asked if they want to play Apex. 

Dr Disrespect has some experience in development, after all. He did offer some advice on what he would have done after sarcastically mocking the game. The trailer was neat, but just not what the Doc would have done.

He wanted a “mind-blowing” hands-on session. “How about after you destroy the train, you and your squad are taken to a Vanguard game. Multiplayer, 4v4, competitive settings, it’s Capture the Flag. I mean, you talk about blowing people’s minds.”

Now that would have been awesome. It’s not like it’s outside of the realm of possibility, either. A great way to sell people on a game like this would be to show off what it can do. Letting the players play a brief hint of it would not be a bad idea. Perhaps Activision thinks it will sell simply because “Call of Duty” is in the name, which is probably a fair assessment. Was the Battle of Verdansk event bad? Not at all, but some people, like Dr Disrespect expected more from CoD Vanguard. He is looking forward to the game like many are. Hopefully, they live up to the promises, and it’s a quality Call of Duty title. 


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