Dr Disrespect vs. Ludwig Feud Escalates With $1 Million Challenge

by in General | Dec, 7th 2021

Could the Dr Disrespect and Ludwig feud culminate in a $1 million 1v1 battle? There’s no telling; Ludwig threw down the gauntlet on Twitter. The two gaming giants have been sniping back and forth for some time. Ludwig wants to see who is the best of the gamers, and we’ll have to see if this goes down. It could be one of the biggest money matches in gaming history. It all seems to be fun and games between the two, but is it? Are we going to see this incredible Dr Disrespect vs. Ludwig feud end with stacks of cash on the line?

Dr Disrespect and Ludwig Face-Off Incoming?

Now that Ludwig is on YouTube, the two streamers interact across social media. Dr Disrespect joked that Ludwig was a “five-foot-two gaming nerd” and said Ludwig’s names wrong in a stream. He asked, “How do you say his name? Lud-widge? He thought he was going to win streamer of the year. His name? Luggage, luggage? I don’t know, Jesus.”

Ludwig didn’t take this lying down. He dropped a tweet, throwing down the gauntlet at the Two-Time. In the tweet, he asked Dr Disrespect to do battle in a 1v1, for $1 million, to see who the better gamer is this week. The downside is that it’s not going to happen this week. Warzone’s new map drops this week, and it’s not likely Dr Disrespect will miss out on that. 

Ludwig joked that maybe he could delete the challenge, though, since the Warzone map drops this week. It all seems like a big gag. He said he wasn’t serious about the challenge in the first place. That kind of money wasn’t really what was on the line. Why? It’s a “Dr Disrespect $1 million.” 

Ludwig joked that “saying $1 million to the Doc means like $1k instead, by his metrics. And he won’t even reply. Everybody relax!” According to Ludwig, this is because Doc says there are “30 million in his arena,” but only 30k people are watching. So far, Dr Disrespect has not responded to the wager, but it’s only a matter of time before the two do battle.

The question is, what will they play? Dr Disrespect likely won’t want to end the Ludwig feud with Smash Melee. Ludwig likely feels the same about Warzone. This is a huge challenge, even if it’s a joke. We’ll keep you up to date if this major money match ever kicks off.


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