Dr Disrespect Signs Exclusive Twitch Contract

by in Entertainment | Mar, 12th 2020

We thought we’d seen the biggest announcement so far with Pokimane re-signing with Twitch. But, apparently, that was just the tip of the streamer signing iceberg. In a whimsical video released today, famed FPS streamer Dr Disrespect revealed that he re-signed an exclusive streaming deal with juggernaut Twitch, tying Dr Disrespect to Twitch in a multi-year contract.

Dr Disrespect Goes Exclusive to Twitch

The announcement did not include the deal’s value. However, esports leak boy Slasher claims the deal is worth millions per year according to his sources. This would make it one of the most highly valued streaming exclusivity deals to date. Slasher also claimed that the deals were done months ago. Twitch is only revealing them to the public now. This suggests a heavy marketing effort to push these announcements, including the videos Dr Disrespect and Pokimane used to reveal the deals.

The Twitch contract is the latest in a series of major deals Dr Disrespect signed, including a TV deal with Skybound Entertainment to create a show based around his character. While no release date for it has been given yet, Dr Disrespect has noted that the show will focus on the origin story and development of his character’s persona and how it came to be and is likely to earn him a huge cut of the profits in royalties from the company.

His fortunes have taken a turn for the better since the highly public fiascos he found himself in late last year. Twitch suspended him for filming without permission in a restroom at E3 last June. He attacked one of Kotaku’s editors online over the ordeal and their coverage of it. Despite the controversies, however, Dr Disrespect continued to grow his following online rapidly. His stream remains one of Twitch’s most-watched channels to this day. So, re-signing him to the platform seems like a no brainer.

While this is a major announcement, it’s likely not to be the last we see in the coming weeks as Twitch continues to reveal more exclusively signed streamers. We’ll continue to keep you updated.


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