Dr Disrespect Reveals Who He Would Sign to a Call of Duty League Team

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 7th 2020

The Call of Duty League is gearing up for the 2021 season. One of the most exciting parts of it is seeing the new and improved teams and their rosters. Twelve teams will be competing in the next season, but what if there was a Dr Disrespect Call of Duty League team?

Dr Disrespect Teases His Call of Duty League Team

That is what the popular content creator Dr Disrespect has talked about recently. There have been rumors and hearsay that the Doc has been interested in the Call of Duty League and the teams and might even be getting involved in it. 

Today, we don’t have any announcements regarding those rumors, if they are indeed true in any way. Still, we know that the two-time champion himself has noted an interesting idea about what could happen if he did have some say in the next season of the Call of Duty League. 

On Twitter recently, the Doc talked about the league and what would happen if he could own his own Dr Disrespect Call of Duty League team. If he were the organization leader or the coach for that team, he revealed the first thing that he would do.

When it comes to a teased but probably not real Dr Disrespect Call of Duty League team, the first thing that he would do is sign one of the best players in the franchise’s history to his roster to be one of its main stars. And this is a tease that the community was not ready for. 

Dr Disrespect Would Sign Karma First

The first player he would sign to his Dr Disrespect Call of Duty League team would be none other than Damon “Karma” Barlow himself. Many of you probably know him as the GOAT, greatest of all time, when it comes to the Call of Duty franchise, and for good reason, too.

It seems that the two-time world champion himself Dr Disrespect believes that he is the greatest as well and would want him as the first player to join his Call of Duty League team. He would also give him a Lamborghini car with a Canadian flag on his hood for him to drive around in.

Besides the very hefty and nice signing bonus, this is a deal that would be a massive one in the esports scene. Karma is considered the best player in the Call of Duty franchise’s history and would likely be a solid addition to a team for Dr Disrespect. 

Unfortunately, this is all just a rumor from the Doc and something that he decided to tease the community with, even though it won’t likely ever happen. It isn’t because the Doc couldn’t get a league team of his own — he probably could, honestly — but because of Karma himself. 

Karma Was on Seattle Surge in 2020

During the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League this year, Karma retired from the Call of Duty and esports pro player scene, turning in his controller in the process. He will not be returning to the league or other esports games in a competitive sense based on his move.

That doesn’t mean that he couldn’t lead a team himself as a coach or analyst or be a broadcaster for the league in the future. But it does mean that he will not be so willing to join a Call of Duty League team again, especially after what happened this year. 

Karma was originally part of the Seattle Surge during the 2020 season, a team that was regarded by many before the league started to be one to watch for sure. It made sense given the players’ star power on the roster, but the actual team failed when it came to execution. 

The team underperformed severely during most of the season, even when it was still in the opening weeks where it was in person. The online switch didn’t help things, either, though, and the team only suffered more, never really rising too much past the bottom of the leaderboard. 

Dr Disrespect Has Expressed Call of Duty League Interest Before

It was understandable that Karma saw what this was doing to his career and reputation and decided to move on from being a pro player permanently during the middle of the season. For now, it seems that Dr Disrespect’s dream team will be missing him.

That said, there is still the chance that the Doc will join the Call of Duty League in some capacity in the future. Though he is known for being one of the biggest content creators on the planet today, he was on the game development side of things as a map designer on Advanced Warfare back in the day. 

He has also expressed more interest and teased his potential future in the league before even this. Once a fan asked him about buying his team, he noted that probably wouldn’t happen, but there is a chance that he could become part of a team as a shareholder.

With some massive changes in the next season with the OpTic Chicago team, formerly known as the Chicago Huntsmen, and the Los Angeles 100 Thieves, formerly known as OpTic LA, there is some room for the Doc to get involved for sure. We will have to wait and see about that as the league’s 2021 season likely kicks off next month. 


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