Dr Disrespect Reveals Game Studio, Midnight Society

by in General | Dec, 14th 2021

Dr Disrespect’s tease of what Midnight Society has been unveiled – a AAA game studio! Co-run by Dr Disrespect, Robert Bowling (Call of Duty), and Quinn Del Hoyo, they’re aiming to push game development into an entirely new realm. Earlier this year, we saw hints and teases of what this could lead up to. In August, he offered a “life-changing opportunity” and before that, we saw hints of what his upcoming game could be. Midnight Society is real and Dr Disrespect dropped it on the whole world today. But what can we expect?

Day Zero Community

What was teased originally on Twitter has become reality. The Twitter account itself has just a brief teaser with an awesome music track, but Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society website has so much more interesting information on it. The philosophy they’re following is a “Day Zero Community” mentality. They want the players onboard at the earliest possible time. Whether it’s “testing reload times and recoil patterns in a firing range or jumping in for the first-ever PVP sessions.”


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