Dr Disrespect Came Up With An Awesome Warzone Idea for Gulags

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 30th 2020

Battle Royale games typically have you drop into the battle, and once you’re defeated, that’s it. You might be able to be revived by teammates, but typically speaking, you’re down and you’re done. Realm Royale by Hi-Rez Studios had a system to revive, where you run around as a chicken, and that was hilariously fun. CoD Warzone uses a Gulag, where you 1v1 someone for an attempt at redemption. Dr Disrespect, on a recent live stream, feels he could shake the game up forever with his new Warzone idea.

What’s the solution? Another Gulag!

Spend Cash, Get Another Gulag

For bad players/unlucky players (both of which I fall into), the Gulag is a great idea. When you’re downed, you get sent to the GUlag. You have a chance at getting back into the game by defeating someone else in a relatively quick 1v1 battle. Once that’s expended, that’s it. How would you like the ability to buy into another Gulag?

During this live stream, a random thought came to Dr Disrespect, and we have to say, it’s interesting to say the least. We saw this via a clip shared on Twitter by Wicked Good Gaming:

“I have a multi-million dollar idea that just came to my head, right now, in real-time,” he said. “The ability to buy another Gulag for yourself – costs you $20K”

Even if you’ve already burned your one-way-out, so to speak, you could purchase another run in a Gulag, should you fall. That’s really all that was said about the idea, so we can speculate on the positives and negatives. The positives is that a player could get back into the game and try and sneak a clever win. Sadly, there are quite a few negatives that come with the idea of buying at least one (maybe multiple) Gulags.

Now players are going to be obsessed with grinding money so they can try to survive for yet another match. It could also drag out matches to unreasonable lengths, with multiple players getting the right to fight again and again. Depends on what it ultimately would cost, and how many people can do it. Sure, this idea will likely never happen in Warzone as it stands now. There’s no telling if Activision is listening and planning something similar.

We want it to be clear that we don’t hate the idea. It’s a neat way to shake up Warzone, and it came right from the Two-Time himself, Dr Disrespect. There are a number of ways this could be implemented though. It could be on a global timer in the match so that you don’t have 20 people trying to do it at once potentially. Or there could be a certain number of “charges” that you have on the extra Gulags across all players. Players could potentially burn the uses for themselves to make sure that in the late game, there aren’t lots of other players just surviving in the Gulag, coming back and making incredible wins.

It’s always interesting to see people come up with new concepts for established game modes like Warzone. Who knows? This could be taken in a dark, unpleasant direction if Activision wanted. It could be something you spend real money on, instead of in-game money. It’s not like Activision doesn’t have a history of really, truly unpopular opinions/decisions. That having been said, it’s not likely Dr Disrespect’s idea comes to Warzone. But what if? It could be just the shot in the arm the mode needs to do something really interesting.

However, this would no doubt create yet another set of ridiculous bugs or glitches in Warzone. There are always more.


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