Dr Disrespect Accidentally Returns to Twitch Via Ad

by in Entertainment | Apr, 27th 2021

Dr Disrespect’s time with Twitch may be over, but thanks to an ad during a Warzone tournament, he returned briefly. This took place on April 26th, when Dr Disrespect was competing in the Code Red Warzone tournament. He may not have even known at the time, but he was back on Twitch even if for a moment. That had to be an awkward moment for the tournament organizers. We don’t know (still) why Dr Disrespect was banned, but this was at least a funny moment.

Limiting of Dr Disrespect on Twitch Fails Thanks to Ad

There was even a brief time, thanks to this Twitch ban, Dr Disrespect was not even able to compete in Warzone tournaments. That has changed, and this 20k event had the Two-Time in it. Dr Disrespect himself has also been avoiding being on the Amazon platform and instead, has focused on Twitch. He may not have done well in the tournament, but he still showed up somehow, on the Twitch stream.

So what happened? During the tournament, the hosts of the Warzone event (Chris Puckett and Katie Bedford) set up an ad break. As this was sponsored by MTN DEW Game Fuel, the ad happened to be one that featured Dr Disrespect himself – so he was on Twitch, even if unintentionally. You can likely imagine how quickly chat exploded. “Doc is back!” surely filled the chat for several moments. You can see the moment where things all went wrong here.

The commercial played in full, before heading to a brief intermission. What’s interesting is that we recently talked about streamers from Twitch even playing with Dr Disrespect. It’s possible they can’t even play with him offline, which is ludicrous. But having this Dr Disrespect ad play live on Twitch during a Warzone tournament was surely wild.

According to a representative from BoomTV, it was an honest mistake, and they quickly reached out to Twitch about it. Hopefully, this doesn’t cause them to never hold tournaments on Twitch again. That is certainly a possibility, given how hush-hush Amazon’s streaming service has been about why the Two-Time got banned to start with.

Dr Disrespect has yet to comment, and likely will not on social media. There’s no sense in poking the bear in the first place. It’s just such an interesting thing to see at all. The hope is that BoomTV isn’t punished for the advertisement showing up.


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