DOTA 2’s Newbee Have Been Banned for Match Fixing

by in Dota 2 | Jan, 4th 2021

Back in October, Godz pointed out that an overwhelming number of teams are participating in match-fixing right now. We’re here to talk about a particular team though, Newbee. We discussed earlier this year that Newbee was banned from Chinese DOTA 2 events, but could still compete in official Valve DOTA 2 events. However, an official announcement came down yesterday from Valve and Perfect World, and Newbee is banned permanently from all Valve events and DOTA 2 in particular for match-fixing.

A Serious Problem in Chinese Esports

This ban takes effect immediately, and it’s a shame to see a former T1 winner (2014) be banned for match-fixing in DOTA 2 like Newbee has. Newbee, once upon a time was respected for their skill in DOTA 2, but their reputation has gone down in flames over the last year. Though the announcement from Valve and Perfect World does not seem to state the reason, a DOTA 2 insider, Wykrhm Reddy points out that it was due to Match-Fixing.

It’s really disappointing to see match fixing go on the way it does in China. It’s pretty flagrant, according to Richard Lewis. We would hope that Newbee being banned for match fixing in DOTA 2 may calm down the open cheating, but we’re doubtful. Match fixing in China isn’t limited to teams that are struggling financially, which is shown by Newbee’s ban.

It’s disappointing as Newbee featured some superstar players. The players banned permanently are Moogy, AQ, Wizard, Waixi, and Faith. Normally, match fixing feels more like people who are trying to supplement their income, but that’s very clearly not always the case. With gambling on esports seeing a rise, we would not at all be shocked to see criminal elements trying to get their way with these impressionable, young players. As of today though, former T1 winners Newbee have permanently been banned from any Valve DOTA 2 events for match fixing. If the reports of criminals getting involved in esports, we hope that some form of justice is done, but if it’s been going on this long, we aren’t exceptionally hopeful.


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