Dota 2 News and Updates - Esports Player and Team News in 2020

Known to many as the origin of modern MOBA’s, Dota 2 is a classic that’s still going strong. Throughout the years Dota 2 has repeatedly blown fans and newcomers alike away with it’s bombastic esports events across the Dota Pro Circuit leading up to arguably the biggest esports event of the year, The International. Join us here for the latest Dota 2 news on your favorite players, teams, The International, and more.

Latest Dota 2 News

Petar Vukobrat | July 17, 2020
If you were looking for a bit of top-tier competitive Dota 2, you’re in luck! […]
Dustin Steiner | July 16, 2020
Valve’s big show and the biggest event on the Dota 2 calendar of the year […]
Petar Vukobrat | July 15, 2020
Ever since the release of this year’s Battle Pass, we knew that Valve had something […]
Petar Vukobrat | June 29, 2020
Dota 2 patches are always a huge deal. We all know just how big of […]
Jason Parker | June 3, 2020
The ONE Esports Sea League kicks off June 4 with the top Dota 2 teams […]
Petar Vukobrat | May 26, 2020
2020 hasn’t been particularly kind to Dota 2, but the same can be said for […]
Petar Vukobrat | May 15, 2020
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Chinese organization Newbee — perhaps best known as the […]
Petar Vukobrat | May 11, 2020
If you were eager to watch a bit of top-tier competitive Dota 2 over the […]
Jason Parker | April 7, 2020
Traditional sports being on the back-burner is going to put a damper on the betting […]
Isaac Chandler | March 12, 2020
ESL has officially postponed the Dota 2 Major initially scheduled for March 15-22 in Los […]
Petar Vukobrat | March 5, 2020
After struggling to complete their full starting lineup, the legendary South Korean esports giant will […]
Petar Vukobrat | March 2, 2020
Dota Pro Circuit changes were inevitable. On the one hand, the way Valve does things […]
Petar Vukobrat | January 30, 2020
After their historic run at TI9, many wondered how the 2020 OG roster would look […]
Petar Vukobrat | January 16, 2020
The first big Dota 2 tournament of 2020 is about to begin, so let’s do […]
Petar Vukobrat | December 19, 2019
The ONE Esports World Pro Invitational in Singapore is currently underway. So, it is convenient […]