Dota 2’s TI10 Prize Pool Sets New Record

by in Dota 2 | Aug, 26th 2020

You’re probably feeling a case of déjà vu at this point, but know that you’re not in the minority. The Dota 2 TI10 prize pool has just exceeded last year’s record. Right now, at the time of this writing, the total sum is $34,375,485. By the time you’re reading this, odds are, it’ll be even higher. What a stupendously large sum of money. That’s just 25% of the total revenue this year’s Battle Pass generated! Let that one sink in. Valve didn’t even organize a tournament, and yet they’ve broken last year’s record regardless. Interestingly, this staggering number was reached 20 days faster than last year. The folks over at Valve are probably elated, and with good reason.

All About the Battle Pass

There’s no telling how high this number could get, especially seeing how there are still almost 25 days left before the Battle Pass expires.

The whole pandemic forced the Dota 2 competitive season to a halt, which didn’t stop Valve from releasing a spectacular Battle Pass. Fans and players responded, not just with kind words but also with their wallets, which is equally, if not even more important. Because TI10 is postponed to next year (or indefinitely until the pandemic blows over), Valve will redirect this impressive sum of money into its organization, regardless of when TI10 happens.

Most people expected this year’s Battle Pass to break the TI10 prize pool record. It’s been the norm year after year, but it’s still a nice thing to behold, especially seeing how the competitive scene is currently in shambles. At least the Omega League tournament is now underway. Still, it’s mostly organized by a couple of top-tier teams (with the help of WePlay! and Epic Esports), rather than by Valve or any other well-known organization. Still, if it’s top-tier Dota 2 you’re after, then make sure to tune in as it’s every inch a Major, judging by the list of teams that are competing.

If you want to support Valve and the many teams bound to grace the TI10 stage (in a year or two’s time), you can purchase the 2020 Battle Pass and get a metric ton of cosmetic goodies in-game benefits for your hard-earned money.


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