Dota 2 Team Fakes COVID Test, Gets Disqualified

by in Dota 2 | Feb, 18th 2021

During Season 14 of DreamLeague, we’ve learned that an EU Lower Division team, Burjui has been disqualified from the DreamLeague for this season. All of their matches were voided, but there has been no formatting change. This Dota 2 team faked a COVID case to get a special exemption to replace a player. The Dota 2 team Burjui was already at their maximum amount of substitutions. An investigation has been concluded, and the punishment has been handed out.

On a positive, at least it’s not Dota 2 match-fixing

Four Substitutions Per Season – No More

The team in question requested a substitution for a medical case/emergency. They offered a medical document that proved a COVID-19 case among the team members. In that case, a substitution would probably be allowed after a bit of an investigation. We can’t fathom why a team would think the DreamLeague would not look into this. A simple matter of contacting the hospital would probably confirm or deny such a claim. 

Burjui refused to offer additional information and evidence when asked. Regardless, the COVID claim was investigated about the Dota 2 team, and thus, they were disqualified from the DreamLeague. Who would do such a thing, to fake such a terrible illness, just to sub a player for a Dota 2 match? This also shows that the ESL and the DreamLeague will always do their part to investigate matters like this. Sadly, this isn’t even the only disqualification/withdrawal from DreamLeague this year. Meta4Pro also left the DPC Season 14 EU, Lower Division. They had a pair of meetings with Burjui and Hippomaniacs, and fearsome players were not playing fairly. 

In the announcement, the ESL and DreamHack said, “Actions such as these are detrimental to the competitive integrity of ESL, DreamLeague, and the DPC circuit. We will always rigorously enforce the tournament rules to ensure our competitions remain fair to all involved.”

The ESL also announced that all upcoming Burjui matches would be removed from the DPC League, including the upcoming Burjui vs. Hippomaniacs (Feb. 20 at 15 CET). Instead, the broadcast for that day will start at 17:30 CET for the Upper Division, instead of the previously planned match. If someone would try and sneak this sort of thing, it leaves a bad mark on the rest of the division’s integrity. It’s a shame that a Dota 2 team would get disqualified for faking a COVID-19 test. 

Instead of trying to cheat your league, do your best and play fair. Or suffer the defeat you would for not getting ready and having a team that can put together a competitive game.


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