Dota 2 Prize Pool Breaks Esports Records

by in Dota 2 | Aug, 21st 2019

Fortnite’s place on top of the esports prize pool throne doesn’t appear to have lasted very long, as Dota 2’s The International has broken the world record for the largest single event prize pool, reaching a staggering $33,663,217 with five days to go until it’s capped. This astonishing Dota 2 prize pool is an achievement for the whole esports scene.

The Dota 2 prize pool blasts pasts the Fortnite World Cup $30 million prize pool from earlier this month, and gain sets Valve’s MOBA at the top of the prize pool ladder.

Traditionally, The International (TI for short) has always been the largest esport in terms of prizing, with the mostly fan-funded tournament consistently breaking $10 million every year since TI 2015.

Those are Rookie Numbers

Many fans had worried that this year’s TI wouldn’t be able to regain it’s top spot after TI 2018 only managed to garner $800,000 more than TI 2017, sparking fears that the tournament had its crowdfunding peak.

Those fears proved unfounded, however, as the Dota 2 prize pool shot past last year’s record in 52 days, less than halfway through the 110 days given this year.

The prize pool is large enough that first place this year will get over $15 million.

Split amongst the five players on a Dota roster, that’s over $3 million a player, meaning we’re about to not only get five more Bugha’s, but also a single-event record for most prize money earned by both a team and individual.

Hopefully, these players won’t run into the same difficulties with tax, earnings taken by their org, or swatting that has plagued Bugha since his victory.

Given how past Dota pros have managed to keep a low profile, however, they shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

The International kicked off its Group Stage in Shanghai on August 14th with a Round Robin format that eliminated the bottom team from each group.

The tournament entered the double-elimination playoffs yesterday, August 20th, and will continue until the Grand Final on Sunday, August 25th.

Stay with us as we continue to cover the biggest tournament in gaming all week long, and don’t forget to tune in on Twitch to catch all the action and excitement from Shanghai.


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