Dota 2 Patch 7.27 Brings Drafting Changes

by in Dota 2 | Jun, 29th 2020

Dota 2 patches are always a huge deal. We all know just how big of an impact patch 7.26 had on the game, and while 7.27 isn’t exactly as big or complex, it could still heavily affect both casual and competitive play.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know

There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s dive right in!

  • First of all, there are a couple of interesting general changes that players will notice right from the very get-go. Things like hero kill last hit gold being increased (quite a bit, actually) and passive gold income getting a bump from 85 to 95. Tower last hit bounties, however, have gone down from a fixed 180 to 120/140/160/180. These changes should, in theory, force players to be a lot more proactive early on, rather than just powerfarm through the early and mid-stages of the game.
  • There are also a couple of tweaks regarding certain jungle camps (with the Prowler camp removed entirely), along with small and nuanced map changes that could make a noticeable difference.
  • Your opponents will no longer be able to capture your Outpost until they manage to take down at least one of your T2 towers and vice versa. Furthermore, Outposts will now reveal anyone who’s channeling them.
  • The courier bounty is getting reduced, but the level requirement for upgrading your courier will now be level four instead of five. Finally, the courier’s movement speed will be reduced by 15% if a consumable is transported.
  • The attack speed of all Tier 1 and above towers is getting increased, but they’ll do less damage. Overall, this is more of an adjustment — the DPS numbers should remain the same when you factor in both changes.
  • All Pick drafting is getting an overhaul. Each team will now be able to pick two heroes per round (before revealing them to the opposing team). This means that the final round will be just a single selection. In other words, drafting is now moving towards a 2/2/1 system. The ban count has been increased to 12 (from 10) and the players who find themselves in the first two rounds will now have five more seconds to lock in their picks.
  • Captain’s Mode ban count is also adjusted from 4/1/1 to 2/3/2. The ban timer is getting reduced from 35 seconds to 30. We’ll also be seeing a big shift in the entire sequence. The draft will now be Radiant/Dire/Radiant/Dire (if Radiant ends up with the first pick), which is quite a noticeable difference from Radiant/Dire/Dire/Radiant. This also means that the third ban phase will now change from Dire/Radiant to Radiant/Dire/Radiant/Dire.
  • Certain items like Necronomicon and Helm of the Dominator are getting nerfed (some might argue that this is long overdue), with the latter no longer providing a damage/regen aura. On the other hand, Vladimir’s Offering will now have a noticeably different build path and will provide a stronger mana regen aura, with its lifesteal aura getting decreased from 20% to 15%. It will, however, provide a +18% Damage Aura but will no longer grant +5 All Stats and the same goes for its +3 Armor aura. We’re also getting a brand-new basic item called Blitz Knuckles — it’ll cost 1000 gold and will provide +35 Attack Speed.

Everyone’s well acquainted with the way Valve does things — they release a slew of changes and then sit back and wait for the dust to settle. This time things are no different. If you’re looking to queue up and play a bit of Dota 2 these days (or in the foreseeable future), make sure to study the patch notes keenly as we’re talking about huge item changes across all categories.

The changes shipping with patch 7.27 are by no means inconsequential, and they’re bound to leave a mark on Dota 2 as a whole. Many items were changed (some more than others), which means players will have to adjust on the fly — new builds are bound to pop up daily as players learn how to optimize their itemization following this latest set of balance changes.

Furthermore, seeing how Captain’s Mode is the standard format for all major Dota 2 tournaments, professional teams will have their hands full going forward — the entire way of thinking when it comes to drafting and priority will have to change considerably. Certain teams will benefit from this more than others, but it’s a huge paradigm shift that seemingly came out of nowhere. The pick and ban phase is an integral part of every competitive MOBA and getting a good team comp (while also negating the strengths of your opponents) is of the utmost importance. Hopefully, teams will be able to adjust without much trouble going forward. If anything, this could make things a lot more interesting strategy-wise, at least until the dust settles.

Finally, if you want to go over the patch in a more detailed manner, you can head over to Valve’s official website. With the vast majority of the Dota 2 competitive season either canceled or postponed, we are left to wonder. How will Valve’s upcoming 2020-2021 Dota Pro Circuit changes pan out?


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