Grimstroke Added to Dota 2 Hero Roster

by in Dota 2 | Aug, 28th 2018

It’s been quite a long time since we’ve had a new addition to the large DOTA 2 hero pool. In fact, it’s been almost a year! It seems like Valve is sticking to their two heroes per year release schedule, and fortunately for all players, the latest hero Grimstroke is already available to play!

Grimstroke was revealed at the eighth DOTA 2 International, and he’s a ranged support/disabler that’s “skilled at manipulating battle from the outskirts.” His in-game impact could be pretty monumental (and at times even savage), which goes hand-in-hand with his dark lore.

Let’s quickly go over his ability kit:

Q – “Stroke of Fate” – Grimstoke winds up his brush and creates a path of ink that damages and slows all enemies that go through it. The kicker here is the fact that the brush stroke’s damage increases with each enemy it goes through. In other words, the longer the path, the more damage it will deal.

W – “Phantom’s Embrace” – Grimstroke sends out a phantom that attaches to an enemy, silencing it and dealing damage. The phantom can be destroyed, but if it survives the initial “latch duration” then it inflicts heavy damage to the victim and comes back to Grimstroke, refreshing the ability cooldown.

E – “Ink Swell” – Grimstroke covers himself or an ally hero in ink. While covered in ink, the hero is silenced but gains bonus movement speed and is immune to enemy attacks. The ink has an area of effect damage aura, and after a while, it explodes – damaging and stunning all enemies that are nearby.

R – “Soulbind” – Grimstroke binds an opposing hero to its closest ally. The bind then prevents those two heroes from moving away from each other. The real benefit here is that single-target spells that hit one linked enemy will affect the second one as well.

In other words, if you manage to link two priority targets and your allies follow up with some great burst damage, you can essentially destroy two targets in a split second.

In short, Grimstroke brings quite a lot of utility to the table – he can damage, silence, slow, stun, bind, etc. You name it. With such a fantastic backstory and kit, he’ll surely become a staple pick in the meta.

You can check out more detailed information on Grimstroke at the official DOTA2 page.

The second hero that Valve announced – Mars – is still not playable, and there’s very little info regarding what he’s capable of.

From the short video teaser Valve released, he does seem like a strength hero wielding a spear and a shield.

The influence of Roman mythology is obvious, and it looks like he can summon soldiers to fight alongside him. A winter release date was teased, but other than that there’s nothing else to go by.


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