Does Dr Disrespect Know Why He Was Banned on Twitch? Ninja Thinks So

by in Entertainment | Oct, 12th 2020

The Dr Disrespect Twitch ban discussion is not going to stop being the center of rumor and speculation. Until a concrete, definitive answer has been found, we aren’t going to stop hearing about it. Things took an interesting turn recently though. Ninja, during an October 8th livestream, seems to think Dr Disrespect knows what he did to catch a ban on Twitch. 

Smoke and Mirrors?

It’s all rumors and speculation though. Perhaps that’s to Dr Disrespect’s benefit; as long as nobody knows, and it looks like a political hit/cost-cutting measure by Twitch, it allows the Two-Time to keep growing and save face as someone who has been persecuted. But Tyler “Ninja” Blevins thinks Dr D knows what happened.

Ninja is not the first person to say Dr Disrespect knows why the ban went down, but he is possibly the biggest name. It’s important to note that Ninja hasn’t claimed to know what happened, but he does think Dr Disrespect does. 

“I don’t know what happened [with Doc]. I don’t know what he did, I don’t know what Twitch thinks he did. All I have is hearsay… I don’t think they can just like ‘pull the plug’ – usually, people know what they did to get banned.”

It’s true that small-time bans over nothing aren’t discussed, and aren’t very clear. Those are the kind of bans that the person likely knows what they did, and there’s no reason to make a fuss. But a big-time, permanent ban? There’s no word if Dr Disrespect’s ban is even permanent, but it sure seems to be. He’s been banned on Twitch since the initial word went down, after all.

“But, a full ban, I feel like you have to know what you did,” he finished. “It sucks, man. But also, he’s kicking *ss and taking names over on YouTube… this isn’t some political bullsh*t, I can tell you that right now. Something happened. He did something ban-worthy.”

Ninja does point out that he thinks Dr Disrespect might not have been told. That being said, he also thinks the Two-Time knows what he did to get banned. After all, if you’ve done something so bad you get permanently banned on a major outlet you had a huge contract with – you’d know what you did wrong. So even if Twitch didn’t tell Dr Disrespect what he did wrong, let’s be honest – the odds are good he knows what he did, if anything.

We aren’t saying that Dr Disrespect did something wrong, or putting any accusations out there. We’re only saying that Ninja seems to think that if the streamer did do something wrong, he likely knows what it was. 


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