Disguised Toast Turns Down Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal

By Cody Perez

July 19, 2019


Disguised Toast Hearthstone

Hearthstone developer Blizzard offered Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang the chance to reveal one of the cards from the upcoming expansion Saviors of Uldum. The Disguised Toast Hearthstone stream has been one of the game’s biggest for much of its history.

As such, it only made sense for Blizzard to give Disguised Toast the opportunity to reveal one of the many new cards that will be released next month with the latest expansion. However, the streamer ended up publicly declining the chance on his Twitter account.

Disguised Toast and the Hearthstone Community

The streamer tweeted out that he is now returning the card that had been sent to him to reveal from the upcoming card set. The reasoning behind his decision has to do with two main factors, the first of which is his own personal feelings regarding the game.

While Disguised Toast doesn’t go into detail regarding what his thoughts on the game are at this time, his second reason is far more revealing. Given that he points to the community’s reaction to him having the chance to reveal a new card things become clear.

To conclude his post, the streamer nominated fellow player Thijs Molendijk as who should be the one to reveal the card instead of him. For those who don’t know, in recent months, Disguised Toast has become increasingly more popular on Twitch but not just because of Hearthstone.

Though the Disguised Toast Hearthstone stream still makes an occasional appearance, he’s been known to gravitate towards the global phenomenon that is Teamfight Tactics recently. That has skyrocketed his fame in the Twitch community but also caused a vocal minority to rise up in hate towards the streamer.

There are those who don’t like Disguised Toast for his dedication to Teamfight Tactics recently, despite the fact that those are two completely different games. In addition, there are some who cite this as a conflict of interest in terms of marketing for Blizzard.

It seems that this hate from the vocal minority has affected the streamer enough to decline the offer and present a fellow player as another option. Molendijk responded to the tweet from Disguised Toast and praised him for his contributions to the community over the years and how he has inspired so many.

In addition, he noted that Disguised Toast doesn’t deserve the hate that he’s received from a portion of the community and that he deserves better than that. Hearthstone broadcaster Frodan replied to the post with his own sentiments as well.

Frodan apologized for the vocal minority who ruined what was going to be a fun time for everyone and pointed out how they don’t speak for everyone in the community. Frodan also noted that he still has legions of fans and they will welcome him back anytime.

Here’s hoping that Disguised Toast doesn’t let the negativity of a small group of players stop him from providing an awesome Hearthstone Saviors of Uldum card reveal that would be exciting for fans of the game and the streamer alike. In addition, it could convince Teamfight Tactics fans who watch to try the game out for themselves.

Saviors of Uldum releases for players to check out all of its cards on August 6.


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