Discord To Remain a Separate Company, No Longer In Talks With Microsoft

by in General | Apr, 21st 2021

According to a brand-new report from the Wall Street Journal, Discord has decided to decline all offers and is no longer in talks with Microsoft over a potential buyout. Therefore, the company will remain independent for the time being, although it might go public in a couple of months. We already covered this peculiar development a couple of weeks ago, back when the internet exploded with news of Microsoft potentially acquiring Discord for upwards of $10 billion. The fact that these two parties couldn’t come to an agreement doesn’t mean they won’t renegotiate further down the line, according to a couple of WSJ’s sources.

Will Discord Go Public?

It seems that going public would be the best course of action — at least further down the line. Right now, as things stand, there’s very little reason for Discord to change anything. They’ve earned over $140 million in revenue in 2020 alone and are basically the go-to VoIP app that has become synonymous with gaming culture and chatting in general.

They were probably gauging interest from a wide range of interested parties and realized that, while selling the company would definitely make things a lot easier, it might be a bit too early to go for such “drastic” measures. After all, they’re still growing at a staggering pace and should, by all means, be able to break their previous records once 2021 is over.

For the Redmond-based tech giant, failing to “seal the deal” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Acquiring Discord would’ve certainly given them an upper hand in the VoIP market (it seems that owning Skype isn’t enough to make them relevant). Still, it’s arguably just one of the many options on the table — they have more than enough money to pick and choose whom they want to acquire.

As for fans and users of Discord, many are breathing a sigh of relief over the news, after a history of Microsoft operating the previously popular Skype platform. The company’s handling of the platform has often been marked with controversy, from it allowing intelligence agencies to spy on its users, to transitioning focus away from average users to business as the main focus of Skype. Many feared the company would try and operate Discord in much the same manner. Still, the potential is still there for a possible return to talks down the line, and only time will tell if the VoIP platform will continue to remain independent.


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