Dignitas Reportedly Struggling After Blowing Budget on Huni

by in General | Nov, 26th 2019

I recently discussed that I was excited about Dignitas extended their contract with Huni.However, a recent report courtesy of Dot Esports says it might not be all roses. Dignitas spent nearly a third of its budget on Huni!

Now, I like Huni, don’t get me wrong. My previous article assumed they had a bigger budget than I considered. I’m all about players getting paid what they deserve, but does Huni deserve the vast majority of the Dignitas budget?

Lookin’ Grim for Dignitas

I have to say; it’s grim for Dignitas right now. The only player they seem to have is Huni. The other players are gone, except Huni. Now granted, it’s only the start of the Free Agent season. But can you imagine a player joining a team already knowing that Dig values Huni more than anyone else on the squad?

Let’s say they pick up players for what Huni got paid. That’s two more teammates! You can’t 3v5 in the pros for a whole game. At least Dignitas seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about the situation. Huni’s guaranteed $2.3 million as far as we know, no matter what happens.

Now, I wonder if that contract extension is from something other than the base budget for their team. I wonder what their plan is, now that they’ve released everyone but Huni.

What’s the Play?

Dignitas spent 20 million to pair up with Clutch Gaming, so we hear. It lets Clutch Gaming return to the NA region, but they still don’t have a whole lot of money left. I’ve been thinking about this for a while this morning. We also believe that NA needs to foster a better relationship with the rookies and upcoming players in our region.

Perhaps that’s what they’re going to do. I can’t imagine any team spending over a million on unproven players anyway. I’d like to see Dignitas put that budget into some players that haven’t seen screen time in the LCS quite yet. Preferably in the NA, but they have room for a few Korean players too, it seems.

Huni’s not bad, but his skill isn’t enough to carry a team single-handedly. I don’t think it’s going to be a good year for good ol’ Dig. No matter how good a single player is, they are not the whole team. That goes for a player on T1, FunPlus, TSM, any team.

It’s been two weeks and there are no other players signed that anyone seems to know about. I’m disappointed that got rid of Vulcan, personally. I don’t know what they were planning, but it’s not panning out thus far. Perhaps they expected to have more in the budget than they have.

Even if Dignitas released Huni from his contract, they’d still have to pay him a significant amount of money despite the season not even starting. Will they figure out an all-star roster for 2020’s LCS? I doubt it sincerely. That doesn’t mean I want them to fail. I’d love to see Dig show up with a team of unknowns and blast their way through the LCS this season.

But I won’t lie to you. It’s looking pretty grim.


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