Dignitas QNTMPAY Moving Soligo to Academy LCS, Yusui to Start Going Forward

by in League of Legends | Jun, 10th 2021

Dignitas QNTMPAY has decided to move Max “Soligo” Soong to Academy LCS, which means that David “Yusui” Bloomquist will be their starting mid laner in the future. This, in short, came out of nowhere. Frankly, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either. Soligo was by no means the best-performing player on Dignitas, but he was still more than serviceable.

Simply put: Dignitas won’t gain much (if anything at all) by swapping Soligo out at this point of the season. They run the risk of regressing. We’re only three games into the Summer Split and Soligo is already near the very top stats-wise. He’s third in KDA, second-best in Death Share, with some relatively acceptable (albeit far from spectacular) damage numbers. His laning, however, does leave a lot to be desired. 

Then again, you can say the same for Dignitas as a whole — they never won much through their individual laning prowess but rather through some mighty impressive team fighting and their fearless approach in the late game. They fight like they’re ahead, even though that’s so rarely the case. That, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of their biggest superpowers. 

Was Soligo one of their most important catalysts? Not really, but he helped out and deserved a fair bit of praise for holding his own in a region that’s stacked with (mostly imported) mid lane talent. 

One cannot help but question Dignitas’ decision to promote Yusui — a glance at his Academy LCS stats is all you need to realize that he’s not exactly wrecking house. The four-game sample size that’s at our disposal is by no means impressive, but it’s still good enough at this point in time: he’s second-last in KDA, last in Kill Participation and Damage Per Minute (357), and has some dreadful laning stats to his name as well. He’s been performing far worse than Soligo against mid laners and teams that are by no means ready to compete with the who’s who of the LCS. 

And, by the looks of it, neither is he.

A Weird Decision

Soligo is by no means a mid lane behemoth, but he’s still solid and, perhaps most importantly, has a fair bit of synergy with the rest of the team. He might lack in individual prowess he more than makes up for in team fighting and cohesion with the rest of this peculiar Dignitas lineup. Yusui, on the other hand, will probably have his hands full going forward as building synergy from the ground up with a group of players who already know each others’ playstyles inside and out is about as complicated as it sounds.

Sure, we’re not talking about the biggest challenges here, but it’s still bound to affect Dignitas negatively. Yusui is by no means equipped to face the likes of Luka “Perkz” Perković and Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, so it’s strange to see Dignitas go for such an ill-advised roster change.

“We feel that the swap will enable both players to accelerate their growth and overall work out better for the team in the long run,” said James Baker, Dignitas’ director of esports. “On the one hand, maybe they saw something we didn’t and thought that the risk was worth it. On the other, Yusui is by no means a young, up-and-coming talent — he’s twenty-three years old and has been around for quite a while. If he couldn’t break through in all the many years he’s been competing, there’s a very real chance that he’ll never be “up to the task.” 

If Dignitas wanted a more potent mid laner they should’ve waited for the split to end — it’s not like they have an actual shot of reaching Worlds or winning the LCS next to the likes of Team Liquid, Cloud9, Team SoloMid, and 100 Thieves. They’re great but just not great enough to warrant a spot at the top of the standings. 

In any case, they’re extremely fun to watch and have won us over with their distinctive drafts, sheer aggression, and surprisingly potent team fighting. They’re not perfect, but they always deliver whenever they step foot on stage to compete, so we’ll tune in regardless of which mid laner they opt to start with! 

They’re scheduled to face Team Liquid, Immortals, and Cloud9 next, which, in all fairness, is about as tough a schedule as it gets. It’ll be interesting to see how well Yusui will perform, but temper your expectations if you’re a Dignitas fan! 


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