Dignitas Announces Naming Rights Deal With QNTMPAY

by in League of Legends | Jun, 4th 2021

Naming rights deals seem to be all the rage these days. And while Team SoloMid — one of the most successful esports organizations in the world — will be adding FTX to its name, Dignitas has opted to enter a four-year partnership with QNTMPAY, “a global digital bank designed to mitigate and improve upon the constraints of traditional banking.” The former is a pretty good match as it rolls off the tongue — three letters that both look and sound nice next to the oft-chanted TSM acronym. The latter, however, is anything but a harmonious pairing. 

Dignitas QNTMPAY (as in “Quantum Pay”). Not exactly the kind of thing you want written on your jersey.  

Still, it could’ve been worse. Moreover, if such a partnership means that Dignitas will be able to expand globally and invest in other titles and platforms, then we’ll let the awkward naming slide! In any case, this is undoubtedly a landmark moment for the organization, and we’d like to congratulate them on landing this (presumably lucrative) deal! 

“Dignitas and QNTMPAY share the same motivation for innovation and technology, making our partnership the perfect pairing to elevate our League of Legends teams,” said Michael Prindiville, CEO of New Meta Entertainment and Dignitas.

On the Up and Up

This naming rights deal comes hot off the heels of Dignitas’ stunning fifth-place Spring Split finish. Despite having what can only be described as a “budget-friendly” line-up, they were able to not only trade blows with the who’s who of the LCS but even win out from time to time. No one gave them much thought coming into 2021, and yet this feisty bunch was able to subvert everyone’s expectations and lock down a spot in the playoffs. And, perhaps most importantly: they looked good in the process!

Whether they’ll be able to thrive in the second half of the season remains to be seen, but they’ve earned our benefit of the doubt. You can catch Dignitas QNTMPAY in action tonight as they face off against Evil Geniuses! 


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