Diego Responds to Being Dropped by TSM

by in Entertainment | Jun, 29th 2020

TSM recently dropped their streamer, Diego, from the organization, amid predatory behavior allegations. He’s been accused of kissing underage fans back in 2016, which is repulsive. Now that TSM has dropped Diego, he has responded to the allegations.

His response leaves much to be desired if we’re honest. Simply saying “It’s how things were” doesn’t really sit well. No matter if that’s how things were, it can still very much lead to creepy, predatory behavior. The response to us reads as “Well, it wasn’t illegal, so. . .”

This isn’t the first time TSM has come under fire in recent months, either. So let’s talk about what Diego had to say about the allegations that forced TSM to drop him.

The Response

Diego apparently received flak for this behavior, and he “realized it was inappropriate” so he stopped. So he realized kissing underage girls for photos is inappropriate several years later? Well, okay then. He posted a Twitlonger, where he stated that he understands now this kind of behavior was inappropriate, but explains his logic behind it:

“This is due to some old pictures that resurfaced of me taking pictures with fans at meet and greets a few years back (I used to be a YouTuber vlog type kind) where I would kiss them on the cheek for a picture if they wanted or a stage kiss for a picture if they wanted, not every picture was like this of course, but if the fans wanted it, I would do it for their picture. I stopped doing it around 2017 because I got some flak for it and realized it was inappropriate. I understand why I was wrong and even if they wanted the picture I should have just said no and thought of a better pose or something.”

Sure, you could say “Well, they are just kisses! And look, a finger is there between them!” Come on. That’s not how a family member kisses another. Not in any family I have seen, anyway. These allegations came from Shannon Taylor in the form of a 44-minute video which was titled “My Stalker & Assault, My Ex, Underage Fans, Bryan Stars’ Involvement & Why I’m Talking Now”.

Simply saying “That’s just how things were” is creepy and awful. TSM was fairly quick when they announced they dropped Diego. However, Diego did apologize as best he could:

“I was definitely out of line for that, but please understand that it came from me knowing these people would spend hundred on tickets and travel very far to stand in a long line to meet you, I just wanted to make sure that the little time they spent with you they at least got what they wanted. That’s where the though of me doing it or the “what the f**k were you thinking?” That was it. Sorry to everyone at TSM for hurting the name, and sorry to my fans for letting you down. Love you all.”

The Good and the Bad

He has tried to take responsibility for his actions. At least, it seems that way. He apologized to TSM and his fans, but then recorded a near 50-minute response. However, in his Twitlonger, where all apologies go these days, there was no mention of Shannon, or what she went through. Just an apology to the fans from Diego, and to the org, TSM, that dropped him.

It was a weak response to such serious allegations. All we can do is hope he genuinely grows, makes amends, and apologizes to the people who he has hurt. Sure, that’s how things were then, but that doesn’t make it okay. It just shows us that the scene we love has a very seedy, repulsive underbelly that is in need of change.


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