Did KiaraaKitty Scam Seven Men Out of Money? Streamer Denies the Rumor

by in Entertainment | Jun, 8th 2021

A Twitch streamer, KiaraaKitty denies accusations of a scam where she fleeced men of their money. The allegations came to light after a phone call was spread around the internet, and the voice has been alleged to be hers. It’s not KiaraaKitty’s first trouble on Twitch though, despite her 214,000 followers. She has been banned twice this year already, one of which due to being a supposed wardrobe malfunction. This video was posted on Youtube on June 3rd, and it’s entitled “KiaraaKitty exposed”.

At Least “Seven Men” Caught in KiaraaKitty Scam Allegedly

The popular Singaporean streamer is alleged to be on the phone where she proudly talks about how good she is at scamming. The girl in the audio, who is supposedly KiaraaKitty, talked about how the scam affected at least seven men. Perhaps the worst of all, she claimed to have received the life savings of one man. It’s that, or someone with a disability who gave her a great deal of money. According to the girl on the audio, she’s “born to be a scammer.”

This particular scam sounds like what’s known as a “Love Scam” or “Romance Scam”. The scammer either makes a fake profile on social media or are genuinely attractive people online. They get people to fall for them, and feel sorry for them, aiming to get money and/or gifts out of the target. The audio, if real and Kiaraakitty’s, is a pretty harrowing scam. She apparently lied about being raped by her father, so a guy wouldn’t touch her, and lied about having a growth in her kidney to receive money from these men. You can find the video that released the audio on Youtube:

kiaraakitty - Twitch
KiaraaKitty has denied all the allegations

“I know this is crazy, I scammed everything off. I took all his freaking savings. I told him that I got a growth in my kidney and I need money and I took it slowly,” and another part of the conversation just gets worse. “And then I just keep telling him like not now, and they just gave up after a while. All these guys just give up, they can’t do nothing to me because they are the ones who gave me the money so I’m really screwed up, I don’t really give a f**k because you can’t arrest me for loaning me money. You can’t do that, you offered it, it’s your fault.”

Now admittedly, the title of the Youtube channel is “Incel Army”, and this is the only major video on the channel. We aren’t at all suggesting that this audio is real, or fake. If this is legitimate, it’s absolutely horrific. The audio was promoted on an Instagram account, “Our Fallen Warriors”, highlighting this “Love Scam” allegedly of KiaraaKitty’s. Now, it’s all allegations at the moment. KiaraaKitty did make a response on Instagram about the accusations. This was in one of her Instagram stories:

“Hi everyone, I heard some rumors about me, just to let you all know is false and staged. Is so ridiculous that I made a police report and currently waiting for the police before I can let you all know what happens. Thank you so much for all your support and love to me.”

A Not Uncommon Story

It’s not unheard of to think of someone being scammed out of money online, that’s for sure. It’s important to note that apparently, the @Ourfallenwarriors Instagram account made a statement to Coconuts about the allegations. Coconuts is a website based in Singapore, where this is all taking place. He had this to say to the outlet:

“I am just a 20 year old who [has] been a victim of scam [earlier] and understand that the recovery process can be very difficult. I converted an existing page and decided to use it to help spread the word – along with using other platforms to spread the message.”

As of yet, nothing else has come out about the alleged scam by KiaraaKitty, one way or another.  Just because it’s gained a great deal of traction, with the video going beyond 90,000 viewers, doesn’t make it true. However, it’s still a tragic thing to hear about, people being scammed out of a great deal of money. It’s important to be sympathetic towards others, but do be careful that someone’s not taking you for a ride.


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