Did Blizzard Cancel Overwatch Malevento Map Reveal?

by in Overwatch | Jul, 28th 2021

Has Blizzard pulled the upcoming Overwatch map named “Malvento” amid the recent lawsuit? It very could be the case. Back on July 22nd, an Overwatch PTR update was revealed, revealing the new Malevento map. It would see players going to an Italian mountainside, and will also feature a secret Talon base to fight about. The visuals for it were gorgeous from what we’ve seen, but now it appears to be completely gone. Blizzard has gone social media silent after the lawsuit went public, including this particular bit of news.

What Is/Was Malevento?

In theory, Malevento was supposed to be available on August 17th, but there’s no telling if that map will still be in Overwatch. It was revealed by an archived Dexerto post to be live on the PTR, with PC players already having access to this map. It featured tight corridors and nice, wide-open areas to fight in, offering something for all styles of players to excel in – even Widowmaker players. However, it appears that this map has all but disappeared from the PTR, leaving people to question if the Overwatch Malevento map will even show up.

It’s not a far leap in logic to determine this is a result of the Blizzard sexual harassment lawsuit. When it came to light, any and all updates to Blizzard games more or less stopped. Blizzard canceled their Hearthstone reveals, and instead quietly revealed the remainder of the cards without fanfare. It’s an absolutely gorgeous map, but it’s just a shame that we might not see it anytime soon, or at all. We have no idea if the lawsuit and allegations are actually impacting the updates of current Blizzard titles, however. 

That said, it was mysteriously removed from the PTR reportedly, so time will tell if the map shows up on August 17th or not.


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