Dicey Talks Being Dropped From 100 Thieves’ Valorant Roster

by in Valorant | Mar, 1st 2021

It’s a shame to see Dicey leave the 100 Thieves Valorant org, but he has pointed out there is no ill will between him and the org. But we recently heard Evil Geniuses’ Ethan stepped down and shifted over to 100 Thieves, to join their incredible Valorant roster. We wonder what’s going to be next for Dicey, but he did take the time to discuss what happened, and why he was removed from the roster. It’s also important to note that Dicey said on Twitter, “I will be back”. He’s got some more to learn, but we believe in him.

Dicey on 100 Thieves Valorant

In a recent Twitch stream, Dicey spoke about Valorant and 100 Thieves, and it became very clear why he was dropped. It was a business move, after all. There aren’t a lot of chances for the squad to gain a spot in the Valorant Champions Tour Masters event. The 100 Thieves pros don’t have the time to teach someone that doesn’t already have CSGO experience (which Dicey lacks). Ethan however, has exactly what the squad needs: experience.

Dicey could definitely come back later. Perhaps he’ll be doing content creation/streams for 100 Thieves, but he will not be on their main Valorant roster. But in this stream Dicey said this about leaving the 100 Thieves Valorant roster:

“Everyone on the team has CS:GO experience and knows a lot of stuff already. But since Josh and Hiko are older, they don’t have time to teach me and stuff like that. Don’t give anybody hate, please. Don’t give anybody hate. I respect the decision, it’s for the business, it happens. So they picked up another player from CS, Ethan’s really good. I’ve never talked to him but I assume he’s a really good player since he was top 20 HLTV and stuff.”

Dicey had some experience in Valorant, thanks to being a part of the Immortals roster with Asuna. They did well at the Valorant First Strike: North America event, winning it. However, as time goes on, it’s far more important to go into Valorant with extensive CSGO experience. The games are similar enough for the skills to carry over.

It’s nowhere near the end for Dicey. He has so much time to get more practice and learn the inner workings of the game. As The Esports Writer points out, the first LAN for Valorant hasn’t even happened. There’s still so much time to go. Dicey’s going to come back, stronger than ever. Take our word for it.


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